Sunday, August 16, 2015

Blog seems to have been neglected by people already. Everyone is moving over to Dayre, or even just Instagram. This is a little sad because blog hopping used to be one of my favourite past-times.

But still I feel like updating mine now, since it's Sunday and you have no idea how much I treasure my weekends now.

So what I have in mind now is the Kuching Got Talent competition that we have been participating for three years in a row. And it's quite sad to actually regard this year's as Vanity's final competition in the near future.

Yeap. Vanity will still remain as Vanity. It's just that everyone is moving further now for better interests, as in our careers and studies. Cherry will be furthering her studies in KL this September. Yeap that's really close. As for me, I'm waiting to finish up my internship and then get graduated. And then start sending my resume everywhere to try my luck.

Been spending a lot for the costumes this time :( Seems like I have to give up the idea of saving up.

Remember to "like" our photo at Kuching Got Talent 2015 page in FB.

Grand final is on the 22nd of August. Though we already know the results, and how disappointing the Kuching standard is, do go over and support us. I have no idea when will you be seeing us on stage again :)

That's basically about it. Follow me on Dayre if you haven't. I update them occasionally.