Wednesday, April 29, 2015


Life has been doing a lot better recently (Read my Dayre written on 7th of April to find out what happened). I have kept a distance from anything that would pull me down. I really cannot bear with any negativity or depression any more, not any tiny bit of it.

So far I've been doing well. Basically just focusing on my assignment every day. Chill and party on the weekends. I'm really grateful to have friends who are always there for me. I really really appreciate everyone who's genuine after all that I've been through. Wouldn't be able to make it through without their company.

Btw all my recent photos have similar colour tones, which make my insta seems to be really organized. :D Follow me on Instagram @jaszphin if you haven't xx

Monday, April 13, 2015

COTK 2015

I'm finally back to dancing after a long hiatus. Good to be back especially when there are so many events going on recently. Performed to Burlesque the other day at Imperial Hotel. Though we were wearing the same costume but this photo is definitely worth sharing, again!

We really love how they set up the light bulbs entrance. It's literally Burlesque!

And then it was COTK 2015 last weekends. Initially we didn't plan to join since Bev was having exam the entire week. And also everyone decided to take a rest first after their Japan trip. But somehow the girls got really motivated after Elaine's hiphop workshop, they last minute decided lets just join!

It was already 10pm and the competition is just the next day (noon time somemore). I have no idea why but I said OK lol! I mean like after skipping for so long I still have the gut to say yes!

We went home to get prepared and all and Ariel last min chiong her assignment at my place and everyone meet up at studio at 11:30pm. We practised until 2am and luckily I was worn-out so I could sleep right away that night.

You know I was really worried and nervous that I even dreamt of regretting my decision zz. So we met up at studio the next day at 11am to go through the routine two or three times before going to Cityone. Everyone was kind of surprised when we only registered an hour before the competition.

Unfortunately we didn't manage to win this year. 1st Runner-up placing though! :) Asked for Elaine's comment after the event and we have so much to talk and discuss about. It took around 15 minutes? I really love how she is so passionate about dancing. She motivated and gave us a lot of great and real advices, based on our current situation. Thank you!

A group photo with DynamicFunk, the champion this year! Congrats!

They major in popping and they make it into a routine to participate under the showcase category. Their performance was very entertaining I personally enjoyed it a lot! All the best in KL final, make Kuching proud!

Collage by Ariel

Three of us hang out quite a lot these days. We have so much to talk about. The night after the competition we actually chilled until Caffeine is closed and then continued at Drunk Monkey, and until DM is closed too! Wondering why didn't we do it last time haha.

Partied on Friday night

I love partying with the girls they make the entire night so enjoyable! Please improve doing freestyle together girls! *you know what I mean wink wink*

Till then xx :)

I will be teaching Street Jazz at Tyng Dance Academy starting May! Every Thursday 7pm to 8pm. Hit me up if you're interested. Everyone is welcome, even if you haven't been dancing! Cheers!