Saturday, March 21, 2015

Smile with Confidence

I've longed for straight teeth and pretty smile since high school? Since I started to care about my appearance. I mean who doesn't? Smile is definitely the best make-up one can put on.

I was so excited when I came across the full Invisalign treatment contest by Nuffnang! I wanted to go for braces but my parents just don't think that it's necessary for my case.

Well in fact my teeth is not aligned. I have crooked teeth and overbites.

According to Wiki, Overbite commonly refers to a lower jaw being too far behind the upper jaw (retrognathia) or a misalignment of the teeth.

Other than overbites, both the central incisor from my upper teeth is unaligned, as you can see from the second pic in the collage.

Also, the crooked second molar is where all the food love hiding.

If I were to say my most memorable story in which I managed to escape an embarrassing moment with a bright smile, it'd be every single time when food is lodged between/underneath my crooked second molar.

Imagine having a great time with a bunch of friends at a fancy restaurant, dressing up very pleasantly, and you just cant ignore that piece of stuck lamb shank beneath your second molar (sounds gross but that's exactly what I'm going through MOST OF THE TIME fml).

Yet I always pretend as if I'm fine and spend my night with a bight (but careful) smile :D :)

and this is exactly what I need to do after all my happy meals. unless you're my super bff who get to witness these.


As I'm also aware that whilst improving my smile, correction of misaligned teeth improves certain cosmetics reasons so......


raise hand cover armpit

Wish that my upcoming posts will be containing photos of my smiling selfies that have more aligned teeth and better smile :)

Cheers! x