Saturday, January 10, 2015

Trip to Taiwan

I wanted to title this post as Taiwan 2014 but it would sound really throwback. So i get to visit Taiwan last December with my family. It's one of my 2014's resolutions which is to visit new places.

I would say that Taiwan is a really nice country with very friendly people and great hospitality. It was a family trip with my KL and KK relatives and we visited some outskirts such as Jiufen, Shifen, Danshui and a lot more which i cant really remember.

Fyi this a visual heavy post

We stayed at Homey Hostel in Taipei. I think it's slightly pricey and we could actually get a hotel room for the total charges for 4 person. Though the environment is really nice and it's located very near to Taipei main station and also NingXia night market.

You can choose from double decker bed to double bed room for 2. Yeah it was charged per bed/head. RM60 per pax via online booking and RM100 via walk-in booking. And you will be allocated with other room-mates, which basically the theory of hostel. So we have a group of 9 people in the largest room that can fit 10, so there is 1 anonymous staying in the similar room with us during that trip.

And if you like making new friends from other countries, this is the hostel for you. Since there are like a lot of koreans, hongkong people, malaysians, singaporeans, caucasian staying in it. It's really budget if you are a solo traveller.

and they provide free toast in the kitchen every morning!

very sweet and thoughtful travel guides in multiple languages

Postcards and feedback from all over the world. This is what we call 人情味 in chinese

December is winter for Taipei. Average temperature was 17 Celsius degree that time. Really cool to hangout all day (in the right clothes). You just don't sweat and get oily!


i don't remember which part of Taiwan is this. All kind of local snacks sold at the Volkswagen buses

 Hello Kitty Sweets, Taipei

sent my little sis and cousin to dine at this hello kitty cafe in Taipei. Theres this requirement of minimum spending of 300 taiwan dollar only then you can dine in the cafe. wah so pa pai LOL. not a kitty fan nor the food interests me. so i just took some pics and go dine at the restaurant next door with the rest.

i can buy 1 or even 2 tops for 300 dollars in wufenpu



there are plenty of local food brands which are really good. didn't manage to try most of them.

very good beef noodles at somewhere near Homey


basically what i ate the most in Taiwan, braised pork rice! so nice and so inexpensive! cheapest one i had was 20 taiwan dollar and most expensive one was only 35 taiwan dollar!

btw all the photos do not go in sequence. i don't remember where i go first and what i ate first.

i told you i went really outskirts. i even get to ride this very old-school train from one small town to another small town.

We also released sky lantern in Shifen. I believe that i have to write my wishes in chinese cause it's a chinese ritual after all. Later 'they' don't get what i wished for. And pardon me it's been too long since i last written any chinese words. I thought my 心想事成 is very pretty no?

And there are too many pets around... everywhere! Be it city or outskirts. I wanted to capture them all but well, too many.

And of course, i went to wufenpu and also several night markets. Sourced some stuffs for myself and J'store. Also captured some of the boutiques with very nice interior and deco as reference. I really really like pretty deco like this. Boosted up my mood.



The only time i take photo while shopping is when i need to whatsapp people and show them the stuffs or when i really like that thing or have dilemma buying it.

I really like this Dr.Marten boots in brown. Love the ombre tone. but i didnt get it cause 1. i run out of money and 2. i don't want my mum to buy it for me. and 3. its pricey.. which is normal for Dr.Marten. This one costs around 5990 taiwan dollars if im not mistaken. After the exchange rate it would be around RM600+.

But i got myself a pair of Birkenstock. The one with 2 straps. It's 1590 taiwan dollar. Around RM40 cheaper compared buying in Malaysia.

Pretty Christmas trees everywhere. This is the Elmo theme one in the centre of Taipei central

this is the boots i wear for this entire trip. except during the final day when it dies on me lol.

so i guess thats all about it. didn't manage to take a pic on all the stuffs i got in taiwan. i actually finished all my money and change extra taiwan money from mom. so imagine going there during summer. too much stuffs to buy. from skin care to food to clothings. i also went to the 3-storey Watson in Ximending 西门町. too many places to name. and also missed out some of the places that i wanted to visit. will definitely go back Taiwan again :)

thanks for reading. cheers!

p/s: J'store is launching a brand new collection next week. Remember tune in for more! xx

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  1. Omg feeling greasy without really sweating? That must be weird haha
    Wow dr martens are expensive there I think they're like only 400+ here but Birkenstock are so cheap!