Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Make-up Favourites

This post is all about my up-to-date favourite cosmetics that I apply most of the days. I'm the type of person who'll stick within my comfort zone, but if you have any good products that you love, please share with me too!

1. Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream - #1 Aqua Beige
2. Elianto Ultra-Define Eyebrow Pencil - #2 Light Brown, #4 Charcoal Grey
3. Maybelline Magnum Volum Express
4. Etude House Oh m'Eye Line - #1 Black
5. 3CE Lip Pigment - Mellow Pink
6. 3CE Highlighter - Gold Pink
7. PeriPera Peri's Tint Water - #2 Pink Juice
8. 3CE Lip Lacquar - Super Coral
Applying BB Cream
I've been using my BB Cream for more than a year now and no kidding, there's still half bottle of it. Imagine how affordable it is for product that can be used for this long. And no it has yet to exceed the expiry date.

This Holika Holika Aqua Petit Jelly BB Cream, SPF 20++ 40ml, comes in 2 shades. #1 Aqua Beige and #2 Aqua Neutral. Mine is #1 Aqua Beige and I love how it matches my skin tone very well.

It is housed in a frosted bottle with a spatula cap, and every bottles come with a free sponge. I simply apply it directly onto different areas of my face every time and blend them with the sponge (I change the sponge from time to time). I like the texture of this BB cream because I find them really light and has a pretty pleasant coverage. The only thing is that it's not very travel friendly. But I still bring it when I go travelling cause it is that great!

I have been changing different eyebrow pencils. I remember I tried Kate, Nature Republic, Cyber Colours and so on. I remember I stick with Nature Republic Panda Zero Water Proof Eyebrow #2 Brown for very long until they decided to stop manufacturing it which I have no idea why. I liked it a lot that time and have trouble finding the next suitable eyebrow pencil for quite awhile.

So now I found this Elianto Ultra-Define Eyebrow Pencil which is really affordable and good! Only RM16.90! (Was RM13) It has great pigmentation and I find the outcome really smooth and natural.

They come in 4 different shades, dark brown, light brown, twilight black and charcoal grey. I used to apply the #2 Light Brown but now I've switched to #4 Charcoal Grey as I have just dyed my hair black! I know right haha! For Malaysians, you can order via their official Malaysia e-store as well www.elianto.biz

Eyelashes - Curler, Mascara
I will curl my eyelashes every time before applying mascara. However I don't remember what's the brand of my eyelash curler but I think I got it from SASA.

I've been using Maybelline mascara since very long ago. I have to say that their mascaras are great yet inexpensive. This is why I never bother to switch to alternatives.

I'm gonna say I'm one loyal consumer for the products that I love. Same goes to this, I've been using Etude House Oh m'Eye Line since very long ago. Since it was still RM19.90 to now RM25.90. Still cheap though but why can anyhow increase price one -.- But I always get them when there's Buy 1 Get 1 promotion at the store haha!

And I'm really impressed by how pleasing it is despite the price. It comes in a very fine tip which is perfect for a fine and neat lining. I'm using the black ones, the colour is vivid, it doesn't smudge and dries off very quickly.

Price increases apart, I'm not sure if it's just me but I kind of find the amount of the liquid inside is getting lesser than before.

I have to say I'm born with quite a fair skin tone, so I like it better to apply some blusher so that I don't look too pale after my BB Cream. Also, I like how the light pinkish cheek looks. I think it's very sweet and natural for every girls.

3CE Lip Pigment in Mellow Pink is what I'm currently loving and using as a blusher. It's actually meant for both lips and cheek but I only use it as a blusher and something else for my lips. They have a variety of colours to choose from and somemore you can even mix and create your own favourite tones. I'm using solely the Mellow Pink because it is exactly the pink tone that I love!

Contouring and highlighting definitely give our face a greater definition. I don't often highlight my features on very casual dates, but rather on more important dates or whenever I feel like it.

I'm using 3CE Highlighter in Gold Pink. It's double tiered, comes with a mirror in it and contains a small brush in the bottom compartment, which is very travel friendly. Also, the thing I like about this highlighter is that it actually contains small shimmer particles, or metallic sheen to be exact, which is neither too dense or shimmery and give your face a very natural radiant glow.

I normally skip the brush and just sweep it across the T section of my face with my fingers. I love the gold pink tone. I think it is very natural and does a great job in brightening up my face.

The final thing I put on for my usual make is normally the PeriPera Peri's Tint Water - #2 Pink Juice. I was actually not a lipstick and lip gloss person because I don't like how they feel like on my lips. Until I found this Peri's Tine Water, I put on them where ever I go. It gives my lips the most natural feelings apart from the lasting vivid colour it provides.

My second option is the 3CE Lip Lacquar in Super Coral. I love everything from 3CE! I can like surf on their web store for the entire evening. And they've got a lot of new arrivals that have already got into my waiting list damn it.

I really love this lip lacquer and it completely changed my perception towards lip products, either. It dries off to the perfect soft matte finish on my lips. However this matte finish product is usually a bit dry, so it is better to apply some lip balm beforehand. Otherwise you could also add on lip gloss after this lip lacquer but since I'm not the lip gloss person, I'll just stick to a thin layer of lip balm before and stay with the matte finish that the lip lacquer gives.


So above is what I apply for my usual make. For more formal functions or when necessary, I'll put on heavier make-ups with eye shadows and sometime even falsies.

Well these are my favourites so far. I figured I like pinkish tone more. Look at all the blusher and lip colours I'm currently using. I do have lipsticks in coral/orange but to be frank, I never use them before. Maybe I'll give them a try.

Hop you enjoy this post! Cheers!

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