Tuesday, January 6, 2015

2015 Resolutions

Lets look back my 2014 resolutions before setting up my 2015 ones. But before going through i already know that ive been doing very badly in 2014. Sighpie

5/5 zz. Yeah i get my first tatt and no i did not do better in J'store. In fact i dont really focus on it. And no i didnt attend classes promptly but luckily results are still pleasing. And no i dance so much lesser these days.

But i think im getting better in becoming a more sociable person. Just that it still depends on the person i talk to.

Next i would say work smart instead of work hard actually. For the part time jobs i've accepted. In 2014 most of them are easy jobs with shorter working period and high pay. Compared to back then when i get the same/lesser pay while working for one whole day. For eg the mitsubishi i worked in december. 2 days for rm500! First time ever seriously! and some ushering and promoting jobs that require only 4hrs or less at an average payment of rm100. Really need keep up with that before i graduate:)

And i visited Taiwan. A really nice place. Would definitely go back again. And too bad bangkok is left out. I really need to go this year!

No i quit going to the gym and i don't think im gonna regret it lol! Im happy about waking up early. and the pretty abs everytime after morning workouts. But damn after one happy meal and its all gone.

And no im so ashamed i didnt even get to do my avocado juice its been a year! My god time do fly! Btw taiwan avocado juice is uhh.. Not nice.

And i think i did take more photos? And more active on Insta. No? Btw i just did eyebrow embroidery last Saturday. Looks a lil like sinchan now. Just that mine's thinner.

And im always thankful for everyone around me. And every experiences that ive been through. Be it good or bad, they are all good lessons right.

So here are the new year's resolutions that i drafted out last night. I stick to 10 of it.

1. Do well in my final semester and graduate. No plan after that. It all depends on how my internship goes.
2. Hopefully to have my internship in KL because i really want to try out something that im interested in which apparently, and sadly is not available here in Kuching. It's either to work in CLEO company, Vivi company or Nuffnang. But the thing is im not sure if allowance will be given and i have to deal with all the accommodations and expenses there. Oh well we'll see how *fingers crossed*
3. Do well in J'store. Do what I've planned in 2014
4. Get my first ever designer's handbag/wallet
5. Change a new phone lol! My phone is dying. But it's a challenge to attain both resolution 4 and 5.
6. Get better in trading. Be active and trade more often. Set a minimum monthly withdrawal. By the way I've just started doing forex trading. still learning right now. so far so good. I think it's an interesting industry.
7. Visit new place/places! BKK is a must wth! 
8. Spend money even more wisely. Save up for everything
9. Always stay in touch with everyone that matters. Spend more time with loved ones
10. Healthier lifestyle. Wakeup earlier everyday instead of waking up when half of the day is gone.
So that's about it. Hopefully I can achieve all of them or at least like 7 of them? So no confident in myself one lol. Actually I want to write about "blog more often" and "keep on dancing" but I'm really afraid that I'm gonna fail it like how I did for the past few years. Gonna have to deal with this also. Laziness, procrastination and confidence. Have a great year ahead people. xx!

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