Wednesday, September 24, 2014

5 things couples need to know

Read about the recent blogpost by Timothy Tiah, 5 things couples need to know and figured that yeah, those are exactly what keep every couples going, with the term that both of them are still madly in love with each other of course.

With all sorts of articles regarding relationship out there, i was just clicking in to check what Tim has to say and offer with his happy married life. Reading just the first point i know im gonna have to finish the entire post.

I totally agree that insecurity is the biggest fear, point no.1. Im not sure about everyone but at least for me, elimination of insecurity is mandatory. If there is no trust, things are just not gonna work out for me. What is love if all you feel is insecure all the time? What is love when your other half keeps things from you and they tell you they need their privacy? And what is love when theres no trust between the two? And if the relationship keeps on going only because of the unwillingness of letting go, i dont know. Thats not love anymore. It's sarcastic when someone who declare to love you but cant even let go of the worthless privacy, to prove that you're way more important than anything else. It's just sarcastic.

Women often seem to be so complicated to men but no. We are simple, at least i think im simple. This is point no.2, men follow their heads, women follow their hearts. We truly love you and that's why we care to get upset. Or else why even bother getting all upset and ugly for you? So guys, try to feel how girls feel if there's any conflicts.

I kind of agree with point no.3 which is what he/she needs to know and what he/she doesn't. Of course there are small and not as important thing that you don't have to share but i still wish that both the husband and wife share everything with one another. Just like anything funny or happy or anything upset happen at work. Make sure to keep the both really connected and feel as if they are living in just one person.

And of course, point no.5, knowing that your husband/wife is always number 1. No matter if it's your work, your buddies, or anything. Your spouse is always the first person you should consider and taken care of. Of course i know how important making a living is...

BUT "never get so busy making a living that you forget to make a life"

And thats my point of view into each of these points. Leave a text if you have something in mind. If you've probably noticed, yes point no.4 is left out(on purpose), because I'm going to write a new post entirely for the 5 language of love! And it's gonna be based on My Language of Love!

So stay tuned! xx

p/s: New favourite track (Though its not new): The Lumineers - Gale Song (Catching Fire soundtrack)

Thursday, August 14, 2014

J'store Lookbook

Just sharing some of my favourite shoots from J'store latest collection, The Mono Party :)

Took these at the street behind Drunk Monkey bar. Just some really quick shoots and leave because it was freaking hot. But it was fun though. Cant wait to get myself a new camera and pick up this new hobby. Jeremiah said photographer's gf have to at least pick up a bit too! lol. There are all sorts of childish sides of him that no one would ever guessed.


Monday, August 4, 2014


Hi! Wonder if there's still anyone reading lol. But the future me is probably gonna read this. cause i tend to re-read my really old posts and get a good laugh at it. from the memories to the way i write from time to time. its good to have them all recorded down :)

Btw this selfie is taken with dad's prosumer canon. it changes my thoughts of getting the casio zr1200 (自拍神器 haha) I think any camera with a 180 degree tilt screen is good enough for selfies. since they are all built with wide lens feature. and you just can transfer them anytime into your phone or com for filters. but of course there are still the pros for the casio la, the chinese name itself can tell. if possible i still want it though lol

Anyway, im here to proudly inform that Vanity has once again made it through the audition of Kuching Got Talent. Gonna work our ass off for the coming semi-final and final (crossed fingers)! Gawd even mentioning the competition gets my nerves on!

Video of our audition round

The next thing is that i came up with another logo for J'store. with the same fonts for the title and link, but just the contrast for its background and message that it carries. The original one is when we feel really girly and the new one is when we want to dress up boyish or edgy or badass or anything in between.

Im gonna apply them both depending on the collection's theme each time.  So apparently Collection 13 is more suitable with the black ones since the 'The Mono Party'.

Started to use Photoshop more frequently these days. This preview pic is edited entirely on my own, and solely through photoshop only! A little proud actually! Got some photoshop ideas from google, youtube and also Jeremiah. Its really handy once you understand it :)

btw im considering to get myself a camera. from the casio zr1200 to now Fuji. still cant really make up my mind though since the fuji can never have 180 degree tilt screen! I love their x series so much. the vintage design, the features and all. but why dont you tilt 180 degree for pretty selfies!

alright. time for bed. getting really sleepy. goodnight peeps! x

Sunday, July 6, 2014


Hey guys. so its another Monday. people get back to their work and classes. and im here making sure im being as productive as i could lol. short sem with just one English subject is killing me. its bored and i seriously think its wasting my time and my money.

By the way i've been doing a lot of thinking and research these days. started to worry about my future and my path once i graduated. The thought of having my intern-ship in KL always crosses my mind. Because I have a company in mind that i would love to work with over there. I think im going to have fun and love working in it. You know we always have to find the fun in everything we do especially when its gonna take up our lifetime. And i believe having my intern-ship there is gonna help me alot in my future plans, which is related to J'store.

I've been thinking how to improve it every single day. its kind of frustrating. i get excited with ideas i came up with but at the same time annoyed that im lack of the capability to make them happen. thats why J'store is always stuck here. if you're wondering what to improve its just selling clothes, well there are way too many stuffs to work on. i want it to be outstanding.

And by that i've tons of people that i look up to and always keep me wonder how i can be like them. how they get their capital and all the marketing stuffs to make their business a success. one of them is none other but Sherlyn from Twenty3. She gave up her comfortable monthly pay and secure job and focus on Twenty3. Thats pretty courageous and inspiring. Also Velda, Viola and Rachel from Love, Bonito Singapore. and what amaze me is that they all (including Sherlyn) do not own a formal education in fashion design. just prior to the passion and love girls have for fashion and dolling themselves up. and by this it definitely boost up my confidence :)

and i don't want my age to be an excuse. They both started when they are around 25 and i expect it is with an adequate amount of capital to make their dreams happen. i started J'store with my own money (working freelance for roadshows). not those my parents save in my bank since i was little. but my own hard earn money lol. hey standing one whole day and for continuous days is very tiring one ok!

not now but im gonna work even harder to make my dream happen. to make my designs a reality. yes. like all the successful blogshops. from imported ready wear to self design and manufactured apparels. bear with myself just a little while, im gonna make it happen! its all about perseverance after all! im gonna keep on going and make sure i spend my money even wiser so i can have enough money for my dream haha! stop shopping JiaXin damn it! OSS!

*talking about OSS its something from Jeremiah. The BJJ guys always say OSS to cheer and support someone. so OSS to me! by the way i joined the BJJ beginner's class and it was really fun! everyone's very passionate and easy-going! cant wait for the next session!*