Thursday, June 6, 2013


Finally its here. Been mentioning it since forever haha.

So i actually came up with helllotsof names. ChicChamber, ChicCloset, J's Wardrobe, J'sLoves, J's Picks and 27348307 other names to go. Everyone's afraid of me already. Especially sis and Darren. I've been asking for their ideas and perceptions every single days. It must be really annoying haha. But thanks for standing by my side always.

And then i came up with J'store. Something simple yet iconic and personalized. Probably got frustrated myself for being undecided for so long. Made up my mind pretty quick when i thought of it, J'store. Perhaps its easy enough for everyone to remember :)

J'store is an online clothing store bringing in the latest trends to please your fashion cravings from ladylike and elegant to hipster and sexy.

yes, in J'store, we provide all blends of clothing styles for you to choose from. that somehow reflects on me.

i can go very casual to campus in the morning. oversized tee and short pants. and then ladylike in the afternoon. skater skirt for high tea. and then hipter when i go for dance performance. leather and denim. and then elegant dresses for dinner and also sexy with the bodycons when i go for party at night!

And in J'store, we emphasizes on 2 things besides all types of clothing. we go quality and affordable. All quality handpicked imports at affordable prices! As a consumer myself (especially a regular ones) i truly understand about this. so yeap! we watch out your purses for you in J'store!

Guess what, all the photos for J'store first collection were taken with my phone. Surprisingly results are not bad. At least im pleased. A friend of mine even asked what camera i used to take the pics. and was shocked when i said its with my phone haha.

And also the editing. all on my own. so proud ler haha.

Do take note, everything in J'store comes in limited quantity. So you have to be quick! not taking back-orders for now :) and yes! there are still some amazing pieces left in Vol.1. Take a look here.

And please be informed that Vol.2 will be updated next week! Im so excited! i love all the stuffs that im selling and i do keep 1 for myself for all the fav pieces that i love! yeap every collections :D

Thats all for now. Happy Thursday and have fun shopping lovelies! xx