Thursday, May 9, 2013

Sem break

finally its sem break!! phew~ it was the most hectic semester i've gone through so far. tons of works to be handled with. no wonder people say degree is so much tougher even though some subjects have no exams. the assignments are really a turn off.

in between the weeks, Vanity also took part in Clash of the Kingz sponsored by Magnum at Boulevard. of course, i went to support. Candy also came Kuching 2 days purposely to support the babes as well.

finally reunite after so long. a group picture of all 7 of us :)

though Vanity didnt make it this time, but of course, we've once again moved one step forward. its always valuable. we'll always keep on moving. so stay tuned for something new :D

man look at their outfits for the second routine. studs, camo, wild cropped top. me is jelly!

Go Vanity fb page for their videos!

btw we've joined Dennis Yin's LA Hiphop workshop few days after the comp. i think he's one inspiring dancer.

im not really familiar with LA style. well at first everything was smooth. but i cant really catch up awhile later. Dennis said the instructors in the states taught them eight 8 counts straight when he went there for workshops. madness. so he wants us to improve memorizing steps better and taught us four 8 counts continuously. then only he played the music. something new :)

the only picture with Dennis

and then the next day after workshop, JiaXian who came back Kuching went studio to teach us a short routine. not gonna post the video up. but i have to say i really really really LOVE the choreography! (notice its triple 'really') me love her style!

its not what you see in Vanity usual routines. it contains a lots of isolation, its slow and smooth, but at the same time a lot of energy is needed to make sure that the moves are sharp and clean. i feel that theres a blend of little contemp in it. personal thoughts anyway haha. and thats the main reason why i love it :)

besides, i feel like taking up pole dance class to improve my flexibility and also to tone up the body. imagine sem break until September.

pole dancing is a really healthy sports and workout for both men and women. i just dont get why are there people who doesnt appreciate it and keep on coming out with rude words. they should get a life.

watch this beautiful piece of artwork. c'mon men do pole dance too!

and also my inspiration - DirdyBirdy. she's one amazing pole dancer teaching in Australia. you can just google this name. she's on fb, youtube, instagram, twitter and also her own website.

but well, seems like Broadway Poleworks at Jalan Song is no longer there. so erm, i've no idea what now. disappointed. let me know if you know if they have moved to somewhere else or if there are other studios which are offering pole dance and are good at it :)

so yeap. my holidays are defined by dance, part time jobs, catching up with friends and something new, my boutique! well guess what, i still havent exactly come out with the name yet. yeah right so undecided. i actually has a list of names just that im not really satisfied with any one of them.

first batch of clothes and accessories will be arriving at my place around this few days. excited! i only took one piece for each designs this time. *hinting* just to figure out how it goes first. and yeap it will be a fb page. priority will be for those who reserve by commenting at the photo first ;)

so thats all for now. an old pic of my sis, me and mummy before i end this.
sorry but i have to say i think im a cute baby back then :DD

stay tuned.
xx :)