Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Life has been really busy lately. Im actually halfway doing my report. but just feel like blogging all in a sudden. yeah procrastinate again :X

lets get updated.

Vanity went for a TV Show shooting for Astro Channel 180. It was our first time shooting for TV show. a really great opportunity. hope there will be more to come.

Wore varsity jacket and long pants. you know the rule

Also, showcase we did for Xfab the other day. actually its just another random showcase. but since Munie brought photographer along, then we were more exciting with the shooting rather than performing haha
My coordinate for kpop routine. dont you love my leggings hehe.
WILD crop top Teresa got for all of us from Bangkok. Yeepieee!

And all the great photos below are credited to Vanity x Shark Gangz official photographer from The Shots.

Performing for Miss Cheongsam Malaysia 2013 Finals. I just got back from Miri that time. not performing, but to be the nanny-of-the-day

Glowiilicious @ Lido Star back in Feb. Had tons of fun! photos are credited to Grace Sow.

After performing.

Besides showcasing, Vanity will be competing at Clash of the Kingz coming Sat and Sun at Boulevard. Im not joining this time due to the workloads that i have to deal with in my studies. but of course i will be there to support them!!! OSS!!!

also, i've started up to teach Street Jazz for the beginners, together with Teresa on every Wednesday night. feel free to join us. all are welcome!

Street Jazz - Wednesday
7.30pm-8.30pm (Shasa & Jasz)

Street Jazz - Saturday
6.30pm-7.30pm (Cherry)

Hip hop - Tuesday
7pm-8pm (Cherry)

Breakdance - Friday
7.30pm-8.30pm (BLITZ & BITZ)

Breakdance - Saturday
2.30-3.30pm (YAHOO)
Besides my dance life, i have also been really busy with studies. tons of works this sem. you couldnt even imagine. Had just organized a Dota 2 Mini Tournament 2 days before. it was our assignment. was assigned to hold an event.
With our main sponsor, Gizmo Arena. Glad that the event turned out really successful. finally feel released abit. Btw there is still a girl group-mate whose absent.

While studying hard, i also work hard. you know. its never enough for me to shop. so ive always been doing part time jobs to make life easier haha. also, to know more awesome people out there.

and thats me working with Samsung and Melster previously.

while working and studying hard, i also party hard. especially when my babe who've just got back from her air-stewardess training in KL. well even its just the weekends. went Junk 2 days in a row last week.

Last but not least, im going to launch an ONLINE BOUTIQUE hopefully in May! it'll be a facebook page. and yes im so excited! since Sparklelicious (if you still remember haha). so yeap! stay tuned! im currently still thinking of the name. realized its a really tough decision.

Lastly, I've simply no idea but i just have to say this. I love my life. Im living it as lively as i can. the great people around me. i just have to cherish every single one of them. till then.

have a great week! xoxo.

p/s: any inquiries, contact me through facebook or email.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Retro round shades

Came across alot of people wearing this retro round shades and hardly get one? Worry not cause im currently selling them at RM35 only!

Photo credits to Janechuck and ChloeNeoh

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