Friday, February 1, 2013

The Bloom Bazaar 6 & CNY Bazaar

Yes! Kuching do have fashion bazaars as well!

I knew about The Bloom Bazaar(TBB) for quite a while already but since then i have nothing to sell. When i came across the announcement of TBB 6, i made up my mind so quickly to take part cause its almost new year and I have a lot of preloved to let go. whats more when i just came back from shopping trip. so many new stuffs to squeeze into the overloaded wardrobe!

TBB 6 was held on the 24th of Jan, which was just the second day after we were back from our KL trip. Prepared the whole day on 23rd. Sis helped to buy the clothes racks and mum prepared the hangers for me. I was selling both me and my sis' preloved that day.

The venue was at the main hall of Koperasi Hijau Building at Stutong. Its a night market edition. At first i thought sales would not be satisfying since a lot of people even myself is not familiar with the location. but everything turned out really great! sales were out of my expectation!

our oh-my-god-so-packed booth. haha! shared the booth with my friend, Fiona. left are all her stuffs. right are mine, my sis and darren's friend's stuffs.

All the stuffs were definitely great bargain cause nothings over RM30! My sis even sold a very nice lacey bodycon dress of her at bloody RM20 only! i should eat more and grow cause it doesnt fit me at all! what a waste!

taoke and taokenio of the day. Again, thanks for accompanying me the whole day. Picture was taken by Teresa when she visited us <3>

so everyone just had fun selling and chit-chating the whole day. we even wished that 9pm comes slowly cause sales were so good and it was so much fun!

after TBB, i was told by Teresa that there was still another bazaar coming up at ST3 which was just during the weekends. so me, Teresa herself, Fiona and Elaine another friend of mine get excited and decided to give it a try as well!

so there we go! CNY Bazaar happening 2 days at ST3! 26th and 27th of Jan. i shared booth with Teresa whereas Fiona had hers with Elaine.

Sales at CNY Bazaar was not as pleasant as it was at TBB. probably not much advertising was made by the organizer. and the consumers over there seem to be shy to even come close the booths. hence for the second day, we carried out a clothes buffet!

The zip lock bag was selling at RM45 and buyers can fit in as much stuffs as they are able to!

our very easy going customers that successfully beat us and stuffed in 9 items into the zip lock bag! great job girls!

so overall, weekends well spent trying out something new. for sure i'll take part in the next Bloom Bazaar again!

parents and boyfriend even encourage me to start up an online business. and i did consider about it for a long time already. if you read my blog you should have know it. i did mentioned in my blog before. but maybe not something big. just selling though my personal accounts in social networks? will see how and keep you guys updated again ;)


Finally its here! Support my online store in FB! Thanks a lot! :)