Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gatsby 5th Dance Competition Malaysia Final

Remember the audition post? Yeap Vanity Crew is the winner for the Sarawak on-ground audition. and we went to KL once again to compete in a nation-wide dance competition finals. This time round we were competing with 5 groups of online winners and also winners from Johor, Penang, KK, Malacca, KL.

We took 2 to 3 weeks practicing both the semi-final and finals routines. and we practiced every single nights. and for the last 1 or 2 days, we actually practiced twice a day. i actually skipped all my classes for it. only attended once since this sem started x.x but well, this is all worthwhile :)

VIP passes were couriered to my place few days before we depart. Gave them all to Vanity's friends and also family. we have very few supporters since we are from East Malaysia. but those few who supported us are simply the best! they shouted and cheers for us so wholeheartedly and it touches! thanks ;)

We were sponsored to stay in Pyramid Tower. Yay! but sadly this is how the view from our hotel room looks like. Nay~

We reached KL on the 18th. and the finals was 19th of Jan. venue is Sunway Pyramid Ice Skating Rink. i know right we just have to experience all types of dance floors. from round stage to square stage, to wrestling ring now to slippery stage. whats next?

The competition starts at 2:30pm. all the finalists were requested for a rehearsal in the morning that day. we have to reach at 9am and we actually set 2 or 3 alarms to make sure they wake us up! haha

from here you can tell the floor is so wet and slippery. i slipped a little while just running through the formation. this seriously made me go more stress! it worries me hell lot!

3 of us taking part. hehe

with Ameer from Kuching as well. who made in through the online video contest :)

and Ariel the nanny who purposely tag along to support. and also to shop la! haha. next time make sure you join with us ;)

so we went back around 11. and prepare as fast as we can cause we have to be there at 12:30pm. yeah only one hour for us to put on makeup, set our hair, change our costumes and make sure there are nothing important left behind!

Judges for the finals are Fishboy from Japan, Fellest (the guy on the right) and also Boojae who is not in this pic. Fishboy is so funny he keeps on saying us 'kawaii'! haha. he said it during the interview before comp starts as well as while giving comments after our performance. apparently kawaii is the only word we dont need the translator :D

my very wild look for the semi-final's routine. haha. yeah i also prefer lighter makeup.

 all the finalists gathering at the backstage. waiting for turns :) and brown hair with red dip-dye is so common over there. saw like 4 or 5 people with it during the event itself.

look at the crowd! this is even before the event starts. its Sunway Pyramid man!

our turn! did a little bit of introduction.

Ops and some of the pictures here are credited to Gatsby, Keryn and other online resources. Thank you.

this is the front part. whacking!

after performance. staying on the stage to listen judges' comments. look at my face! so funny. i should be catching my breath haha.

by the way i really love this outfit! its so trendy! leather corset and stripes high waist pants with a denim jacket. Ariel even manage to find an exactly same pattern pants in Kitschen! lol

you can watch the video here!

this is a really tiring routine. i think probably the most tiring one ever. haha. but i learnt to feel and enjoy it. and it works magically! i really manage to do it so much better. even though its still not good enough. again, stamina is what i need to keep on improving.

and then we made it into top 5. drew and luckily was the second last group to perform. so that we can have enough time to change into the vampire costume and put on heavier makeups and blood stains all over. phew~

the acting part. haha. i keep on laughing at myself while watching back the video. Cherry acted so well. like some kind of pervert who found her prey. haha!

Videos are credited to LiveVid&Photoz from youtube.

while summarizing the results, there are performances by the judges , former winner and also guest dancers. they are all AMAZING!!!

results announcing. you can watch it here too.

so we ended with the 3rd Place :)

with all the 3 judges. there you can see Boojae is the one in black.

Im actually pleased of getting 3rd place since the finalists are all really good. Learnt great stuffs throughout the trip. Once again, its another valuable experience for us and is definitely worthwhile.

instantly become fan girls haha

not forgetting this guy who accompanied me all along. thank you so so much. it was supposed to be our cny shopping trip but so coincidentally the finals falls on the exact same date. thanks for being there with me all the time. i feel great with your company :)

with our manager Kixx!

with Jasylin, Keryn and Fion :)

another one with Jia Xian

The top 3 of Gatsby 5th Dance Competition Malaysia. Pitt Den the champion, who is going to compete with all the international champions in Japan coming March, Funk P 2nd place and Vanity Crew 3rd place.

Last but not least, a group photo!

after the comp, we had interviews from different medias before heading back to hotel. and Gatsby sponsored all the finalists a dinner at Thai Thai that night.

so the next day, we basically just enjoyed ourselves to the max. went chilling at the pool with the gangs before Darren and I headed down to the town.

nothing much to say for the last 2 days in Bukit Bintang. we just shop from day to night. and had some drinks and chillax session before the day ends.

 love it when the bf give me a candid shoot

thats all about my trip. i shall cap here. next post will be about the bazaars i took part last week. stay tuned!

lastly, picture of the day!

goodnight everyone. xoxo.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Bloom Bazaar

First time ever im participating in a bazaar! Im giving it a try to sell out my preloved and also to feel how its like to really trade. Im so excited now cause it should be so much fun!

The Bloom Bazaar 6 (Night Market Edition)
Time: 1pm - 9pm
Venue: Main Hall, Koperasi Hijau Building Stutong (Behind Nissan & Kenbest)

Visit me at Booth 33! Im selling wide range of outfits, bags, shoes and accessories. Nothing more than RM30.

See ya. xx