Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last entry for 2012

Hey guys. Exam ended. All assignments are handed in. Hope results will be satisfying. And 11-freaking-working-days is about to end soon. 1 more day left. Now im moving onto dance practices for Gatsby's finals on 19th of Jan, 2013!

Fyi, its going to be held at Sunway Ice Skating Ring. Yeap! N ive no idea how cold its gonna be dancing there, with our new costume. Ohh n i aint gonna tell what we are wearing. Stalk my insta or fb maybe. haha. Anyway costume this time round is a BIG LOVE! (block letters to further express this)

This is as well a sponsored trip by the organizer, just like the previous KOTR's finals. Air tix and hotel accommodation. And guess what! We are staying in Pyramid Tower! hehe. And will be given allowances everyday!

However this time only 3 max participants each group. Mentioned in the audition post. It would be so much better and fun if all Vanity can go together. But i believe theres still chances. And hopefully 3 of us can bring out the best. im really excited for it, and NERVOUS! (notice the block letters) Wish us luck! :)

And if you have no plan yet for your New Year countdown, please go and support Vanity at Old Bazaar Cafe! We will be performing 3 routines! See ya there!

Before capping the last entry, i would like to apologize for blogging so little this year. I mean year by year. From 44 entries on 2010, to 38 entries on 2011 and to this year's 35 entries. Failed to accomplish this on my 2012 new year resolution. Im terribly sorry!

And im really greatful for those who still stay here reading this. Im not gonna promise but i'll try to blog more next year. Since i got my own notebook now. Hehe. Well, till the next post. See you in 2013! Have a great party! Thank you!

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