Saturday, November 3, 2012


This year birthday was celebrated with bunch of important friends of mine. Darren went KL and we had a simple dinner a day before. Party was held at The Junk's Red Room, it was a close session organised mainly by my college friends, Fiona, Danny and Nick. Im really blessed cause they were so contribute just to make me happy and to have an unforgettable ones.

I invited those closer to me. girlfriends, secondary and college buddies. wore my floral corset, mullet skirt and black platform heels.

 these are my secondary friends, Arang knights. Those i had most fun with in class and during recess. remember all those silly stuffs we did together in class. messing around, not paying attention and eat all the time.

 these are my girlfriends for 10 amazing years! you can see the changes in us. its incredible having friends like this, which you literally call them soulmates.

and this is the mama among us, Mting. hehe

 Segians. Im really glad they came. i have to apologize for not spending much time accompanying them since i was too busy moving around, doing the social thing. hope they had fun!

and here, Fiona insisted to take a shot with all the guys. well actually not all in here.

and they bought me my favorite, Red Velvet from Tom's. wanted to give me a surprise but end up mission failed. cause i accidentally saw the invoice Fiona left on the class table. haha! it was so funny but im really really pleased for what they did.

and they all have this 'pantang' that every birthday friends of them have to sort of be punished. and i mentioned not too over cause i wanna stay pretty for the rest of the night. haha. so i'll just have to remove all the candles with my mouth. and fyi, candle doesnt taste any good tq.

move on with the rest of the photos i have with me.







Fiona. Current fb profile pic cause i think i look great! haha

 part of the Polaroids taken. Particularly love the one with my sis. Place it in my wallet now :D

More people went after. As well as friends' friends. Just asked them to enjoy themselves. And there is this guy who ordered a shot of whiskey for me right before i leave. Thanks for that it tastes really nice!

Last but not least, pressie time! everyone's favorite. Well well, my favourite of all time can. Haha

if you followed my insta, checkered top from MNG and the black mullet skirt were the earliest presents by Fiona, Danny, Nick and Alex. Blush! leopard prints lingerie from foundation buddies. La Senza panties from Roseline, Jocelyn and Mting. A Novel from Avril. Spikes headgear from Brenda and Aaron. Floral skirt just a very random one mummy paid for me haha. she and dad both gave me angpaos like usual. FujiFilm Instanx Mini 7s from sis. Fitflop's Flare from Darren.

so after i got my Flare, mum and sis were so tempted to get one for themselves too.


overall i had a great 19th birthday. looking forward for a great year. hope everything goes well and that i will have a greater story to tell on my 20th.

btw thanks for being so passion with me and my blog. xoxo :)

p/s: Its one week plus to Christmas. you prepared?