Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gatsby 5th Dance Competition Sarawak Recruitment

it was 2 days before the competition. i checked out Vanity page, and came across a link someone posted on our page. i clicked inside and went through everything, and get soooo excited and said that we MUST join this thing! cause i really think we stand a very very high chance to win it! and yes we did! :'D

we win away RM300 cash prize, goodies bags full of Gatsby products for each 3 of us and also air tickets to KL for the grand final coming January, with hotel accommodation!

The Gatsby Dance Competition is Asia’s biggest dance event, connecting 8 countries in the Asia region (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan) created specially for high school, college and university students who love to dance.

There are 2 ways to join, either by uploading your dance video, or by joining the on ground audition organized at different states, JB, Penang, Kuching, KK, Malacca and KL.

and yes like i've mentioned, winners from each recruitments get to compete once again in the grand final. No.1 student dancer in Malaysia, that won the grand final in KL, will be representing the country to the Gatsby Dance Competition Asia Finals in Japan!

one of the rules is that there can only be 3 maximum dancers per submission. so this time round, only me, Cherry and Teresa took part. i believe it would be much more fun if all Vanity babes can participate together. anyway, we only practiced for 2 days for this audition! 2 new routines with Gatsby theme songs as background. yeap, contestants must use their theme songs but not our own musics.

All registered contestants were given these electronic sports wrist watches before entrance. and i would like to share with you that i actually chose a pink one!

The audition was very casual, which all contestants gathered in the hall, having fun together.

Judges from West Malaysia. Left: Fellest. Right: Nick

No photos were taken when we ere performing on stage this time. neither video. i know right. we totally forget about it. sorry about that.

so after the audition, judges wanted everyone of us to do a cypher. to try out this very cool Pioneer Steez. yes cypher! man i kind of have a phobia for this word!

we were divided into 2 groups. me and Teresa under Fellest's. Cherry and Ruf under Nick's.

like seriously, i've never met judge as friendly and naughty as Fellest. leading us having tons of fun!

lastly all dancing together as a whole. and yeap, everyone had fun! :D

Sarawak Represent - Vanity Crew

we are so glad we made it again! 2 days of intense practice are totally worth it. even though its not enough and i know we can do so much better if we have enough time for preparation. but we will still work harder. and yes, we eat our words, see you again KL! we will be there again for another grand final! hehe!

Last but not least, Vanity's interview! :D
(i've no idea i just feel like laughing all the way round)

For more photos, check Vanity Crew and Gatsby facebook. Peace everyone! and have a great weekend!

there are photos of us receiving awards on stage, with the judges. but its not up at Gatsby page. maybe i update this post again if i happen to get it?

have a great day ahead people! xoxo.

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