Tuesday, September 4, 2012

LOTD - Simply Casual

hey girls so this is my very first look-of-the-day post! yay! or outfit-of-the-day if you prefer. i chose LOTD instead of OOTD cause i emphasize on the entire coordinate, not only the outfits :)

this is a very casual one. just to give it a try :P I've always wanted to do this. will try to get better pictures next time!

Tank top, Floral high waist pant, Bangles- Forever21
Denim outer- Fahrenheit KL
Mint Casing- China

anyway, imma show you a tutorial today :D

Ombre stuffs are so in trend right now. From hair to shorts to accessories. Every fashion bloggers or celeb have them. and for Kuching peeps, yes, its so sad that we dont have them here. if yes, they will be bloody heel exp. so now lets diy our own ombre shorts without wasting a penny!

this is a repost of diy ombre pant tutorial from Katie's blog. I decided to share hers cause its simple yet detail. you can read it here or go to her blog :)

if you still find this complicating, try Das' tutorial. she's not using any fabric dye, but just clorox to bleach her pants to get that ombre texture:)

you may have to click in and read hers cause its kinda long for me to repost them here. do read cause the way she blog and write's really hilarious and interesting.

okay. im so going to try this out. show you my product if it looks good! good luck to me and also to those who are going to give it a try!