Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mr.Boyfriend 21st Birthday

time does fly doesnt it. darren's birthday was one day right before my final exam. but i managed to prepare his present and also catch up with my revision, i guess. lol. anyway this year i had him two diy stuffs. people who followed my insta and fb would have probably know one of it already.

bf came my house and fetched me around 7 or 8pm. and then i offered to drive him to our dinner place. birthday guy shouldnt be the one driving right. so we went Secret Garden since it was in my first thought. and we have never been there, so maybe its just the right time to give it a try.

it was kinda empty when we reached. probably cause its raining before that. we sat outdoor, its windy and romantic. and someone can also smoke.

after ordering, i handled over his present to him. made love coupons and drew his portrait for him. all done by myself.

if your wondering, i did this only with microsoft power point. it would be so much better if i have photoshop and is good at it. these coupons include movie of his choice, he wins one fight, make him breakfast, bake him cookies and so on :) and they have no expiry date!
at first i thought of only giving him the love coupons since i dont really have enough time for my revision anymore. but then it was too little. so once when i went tired studying, i automatically took an A4 paper and my pilot rexgrip mechanical pencil and started sketching.

it took me half a day to have his figures sketched likely. and then i just proceed to all the editing and shadings. it was 2 and a half days to complete this. with only a normal photocopy A4 paper, pentel soft eraser and mechanical pencil. im quite proud of it actually. haha! i think its not bad!

and then the food pictures. sorry cause they look awful. i just simply snapped and then started eating.

my beef bolognaise spaghetti. it was so so.

hubb's erm.. lamb chop i think. not bad.

mushroom soup as side dish and its totally not ok. bella italia still has the best mushroom soup.


after dinner i suggest for a movie. wanted to watch Step Up Revolution but it was full, so we ended with Total Recall. its really nice!

when i google for this picture, i came across with the 3 boobed woman in the movie. you still remember? omg i thought it was makeup and is fake but then google somehow show that its real. thats really awkward. but she seems to be proud about it. so i guess its ok not to feel bad for her.

and we were lucky we didnt get to watch Step Up that night cause dancemates jio everyone for it the next day. so thats 2 continuous movie-night.

this is what happen when people have smartphones. they seems to be busy with them all the time. and yeah no doubt, including myself.

and thats my tube top from F21. wore black medium waist jeans with it. and Emilio Valentino wedges. guess i should just capture proper outfit picture next time.

happy Friday! xoxo.

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