Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Photographed by our very own Vanity babe Munie
Make up and styling by her sis Joanne Josie

Im currently busy with my revision. Exam's on next week. So sorry for delaying again. I rejected 2 showcases for it :/ n i will update about Vanity's trip to KL for the KOTR grand final right after my exam. Should be next Thursday or Friday! Pinky promise! xx.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

KOTR Grand Final

finally, done with 1 month hardcore practice. the grand final is tomorrow! Vanity Crew is flying off to KL later at 2pm. am so nervous. yet excited. these are judges line up.

Thesis from USA. Dyzee from Canada and Dragon Lee from Taiwan.

come support us if your from or in KL. the venue is AquaSonic Club at Bandar Sunway. starts at 7:30pm. free entry before 8pm. charges are covered after 8pm.

the top 8 showcase groups

top 8 bboy groups

good luck to us! Sarawak represents, Vanity Crew and Soul Technique! xoxo.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Short Blog Contest by Sarawak Bloggers

see my name!? hehe yeap i got into the consolation of Short Blog Contest organised by Sarawak Bloggers. Co-sponsored by ouryouth.my and Conqueror's Vision. im happy enough managing to get the consolation :D 

as you can see in the pic above. its a contest which bloggers compete for the most creative post about what youth wants. read my winning-entry here hehe!

in that post i've mentioned that i want Kuching to have proficient street dance comp. and there we have Kingz of the Ringz all the way from West Malaysia coming here to search for talents. and i've also mentioned that i want Vanity Crew to be recognized and given more opportunities. and then everything came true! Vanity Crew was crowned Champion and given chance to compete in the grand final in KL!

second i talked about getting more readers for my blog. hopefully getting into this consolation helps. haha maybe people are curious about our entries so they will come read them. and then get addicted to our blogs and continue reading them in the rest of their life. haha day-dreaming.

and thirdly, about money and fashion. so after i got the RM50 cash prize from Conqueror Vision i straight away spent it on my online shopping LOL!

im really surprised when i first saw my name when results were announced. since i never got into anything for my blog before this. i was so happy and it really made my day. Thanks Sarawak Bloggers and also the sponsors :D

looking forward to more contests like this. they make blogging more fun.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Couple Shoot

This is what i meant in the previous post. something related to the sunset :)

its a couple shoot of me and the boyfie at the horse farm last Sunday. by Munie. we reached there around 4pm and its still very sunny. started shooting until it was 6pm. took about 2 hours.

the theme Munie suggested is vintage, sweet and happy. so we did a couple of cute postures.

i wore Munie's dress and oxford shoes.  the boyfriend had his own attire on. and all the accessories are from Munie as well :)

#10 my fav :)

thats all im posting. this is probably the last shoot i have with Munie. at least for now. if your interested to have a shoot by her, do contact me. have a nice day :D