Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shoes Cart

i finally get over with the 8 days DG promoter jobs. it was really tiring. i actually think that there is no other promoter job that is tougher and more tiring than working as a DG promoter. but what is worth besides the pay is that i can get to know the great and friendly people i met during this 8 days. and also the priceless experiences and things i've went through and learnt. i really learnt a lot since i started working for DG, especially my PR.

and before getting my pay, i've already prepared my shopping list. shoes list to be exact. these are what i think of for now.

1. a pair of oxford loafers. im so into oldies and i think these vintage loafers are so pretty. but dad says they are very old fashion. he din know that these olden days fashion is actually the current trend :P

2. platform pumps. im consider short so i really have to start wearing heels more often. and walk with them naturally. i really adore girls that can wear them all day long o.o especially super high killer heels. how can they do that?

3. a pair of Fitflop and Birkenstock. there are very limited choices of Fitflop here in Kuching and no Birkenstock at all. so hopefully i can get them somewhere else.

Thats it for this entry. girls, we have infinity wants, cant help it. but i really think that i spend a lot lesser compared to last time. cause i have plans for something else. ok so maybe at least let me get the pumps and Fitflop first? lol.

off to prepare for my bff-movie-date. have a nice day people!

xoxo :)

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