Thursday, June 14, 2012


its middle of June dy. done with my holidays and im going back to class tomorrow. got my results yesterday and its disappointing. only one subject thats disappointing actually :( i was really shock when i see it, never expect it to be that way. very torturing to me.

anyway, this is the last sem for my foundation course. its a short sem, only take one month and so. thus i have to bear with this one month and do my best, and then carry on to my degree by the following sem. hope to get rid of this asap! degree u better come fast!

btw, Vanity has been practicing every nights for the past few weeks. for a dance tournament next weekend at Hills shopping mall. its a big one this time, so we really hope to get this. my body aches several times during the practices, so as other Vanity babes. its a really tough one, but at least im glad that i've recovered from my flu.

pics on a showcase we did last Saturday:

we all agreed to put on very light makeup for that showcase. and i think i look kinda pale in this photo. so what to say on stage -.-

self-shoot still ok.

and fyi, im going to do something related to the sunset this Sunday, can you tell what im coming up with?

hawaii sunset Wallpaper

just stay tuned. xx

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