Monday, June 25, 2012

Kingz of the Ringz

Im up early cause i never want to delay this post :) you should probably know what happened if you follow either my fb, twitter or instagram hehe. but if you haven't, our all-girl dance crew, Vanity Crew has finally won a title for ourselves yesterday!!

after all these while, all the thins and thicks we've been through, all the hard works and efforts we've put into, we have now finally crowned as the CHAMPION of Kingz of the Ringz Sarawak Tournament 2012! everythings have finally paid off. K.O.T.R is a dance tournament in Msia for both hiphop showcases and bboy 2 on 2, where winners of each states participated get to represent their respective states to compete at the grand final in KL which is on the 21st of July :D

getting the champ of K.O.T.R is a really really good start for us, compared to the previous comps we've joined. cause this is really a big thing, with proficient judges who truly have street dance basic and knowledge, all the way from KL. this is the vital part in a street dance comp. you should know how important it is if you read my previous entries.

and i've also mentioned in twitter that we want this so bad! and now we've finally made it!! so proud!! its our first champ! and we straight away gets to represent Sarawak to the grand final, competing with all the champs from West Msia, which includes KL, Ipoh, Malacca, Johor, Penang, Selangor and Seremban.

this one is when we were having practice in the studio before the comp. did some needleworks on our so called 'Airasia' costumes. haha the MC mentioned that. its actually our red trench coat.

Vanity with MC Raymond during the audition on Sat

Vanity vain-ing in the toilet before performing for the final

this is the audition round. photo taken by one of the judges, Bobby from Street Nation. stole this from his insta haha.

We've actually prepared it for around 2months. We practised every nights. No matter how tired we all are after our own routines the whole day. Especially our leader Cherry, acting as both the choreographer and instructor at the same time. I know she is doing her best and being so passion in everyone of us. I really appreciate everythings she has given to us and to Vanity Crew. Without her all these are impossible, seriously.

We actually took the exact same routines from some of the parts in the Borneo Street Dance Comp 2011 and MRC 2012. Just rearranged some parts in them and the formations.

For audition round we used Crazy in Love and Ring the Alarm by Beyonce. Yeap she is a very great inspiration to us. We wore red trench coat outside with black corset and shorts inside. With leather gloves and black boots :D As the final, we used I Get Crazy by Nicki Minaj, Vanity by Christina Aguilera, S&M by Rihanna, wore beggy jeans and Vanity cut-out tee and red bikini inside. And our own sneakers. Yea its the same as MRC. But this is also to show that using the same routines, the same costumes, the same songs, we manage to win Kingz of the Ringz! So what can you conclude from this comparing with the previous comps we joined? :)

Tears of joy :'DD

look how happy am I!

Well actually we are all happy enough managing to win this Sarawak tournament. But still, we dont lose hope. we will still try our best to perform in the grand final, to enjoy ourselves on the stage and also to make sure that the audience enjoy it as well. this is the best part ive learnt after all these years. After all sorts of performances and comps i've put myself in.

getting to watch those very good dancers(especially my personal fav-Dancolicious) performing live in the grand final is already a very very very great prize we've got from this comp. Not to mention having the chance for the greatest exposure for Vanity Crew!! Now more people, i mean even West Malaysians, nono i mean all Malaysians get to know Vanity!! This is so freaking cool!!

Alao, apart from that, we were sponsored air tix and place to stay for the grand final. all we need there is some money to feed ourselves and maybe a little bit more for some shopping. i actually hope that we do have extra time for that xD haha girls.

And i think we did great in both rounds! I really enjoy myself on the stage especially watching all the audiences so focus on us and were all fascinated by both our performances. This always give me more strength when im dancing on the stage and also ermmm... hidden stamina. Haha.

After the whole thing ended, Bobby came to us and had some chit chat. He told us that Stepholic actually has slightly higher marks than us during the audition round, and yeah from far i really think that their audition's routine was great. Very impressing. You can tell by the arrangement of our turns to perform during the final. From least to the greatest. We were before Stepholic and they were the last crew.

We were a bit disappointed when we knew we were before them, cause we know the way they arrange it. But we stayed still and did our best shot! And then we managed to surpass them in the final round, which makes us the Champion!!! Judges said they were slightly better in audition, but we were a lot more better in final :DD yayy so happy!!!

And during these days, i prayed hard for all Vanity babes to give our best shots during both the shows. No mistakes allowed. And i also practiced The Secrets. Read Xiaxue post then you'll know what im talking about. I did whatever i can, I stay positive and think no negative, I give my best shot, and there our hard works finally paid off! Everythings worth it in the end! Tears of joy! ;D

lastly, before i end this post, again, please like our pages in facebook. Vanity Crew and Street Shock Dance Studio. we need your support! its never easy, so please :)

for both of the audition and finals' videos, here you go :)

Audition round taken by Kixx

Final round taken by the boyfie

Final round taken by Eugenie our hot mama

love this pic so much! so warm^^ and notice the two very funny copy and paste girls! haha xD Munie and Ariel from Vanity too who didnt get to join us this time. one is busy with work and another one is busy with SPM. but dont have to be sad, cause Vanity still have so much more to go, more exciting and bigger exposure showcases awaiting for us! lets do it together after you guys are done! all 7 of us!^^

thats not all for Vanity. this is only the beginning of our story! keep supporting us and we wont let you down! always believe in yourselve, cause what doesnt kill you makes you stronger! loves!


p/s: not to forget, congrats to Soul Techniquex for winning the Bboy 2 on 2 battle too! congrats to Stc-V-Ruf(Candy, one of our Vanity babes' bf) and Stc-Clinkz!

both of us are going to the grand final in KL. wish us luck! c ya :D

Thursday, June 14, 2012


its middle of June dy. done with my holidays and im going back to class tomorrow. got my results yesterday and its disappointing. only one subject thats disappointing actually :( i was really shock when i see it, never expect it to be that way. very torturing to me.

anyway, this is the last sem for my foundation course. its a short sem, only take one month and so. thus i have to bear with this one month and do my best, and then carry on to my degree by the following sem. hope to get rid of this asap! degree u better come fast!

btw, Vanity has been practicing every nights for the past few weeks. for a dance tournament next weekend at Hills shopping mall. its a big one this time, so we really hope to get this. my body aches several times during the practices, so as other Vanity babes. its a really tough one, but at least im glad that i've recovered from my flu.

pics on a showcase we did last Saturday:

we all agreed to put on very light makeup for that showcase. and i think i look kinda pale in this photo. so what to say on stage -.-

self-shoot still ok.

and fyi, im going to do something related to the sunset this Sunday, can you tell what im coming up with?

hawaii sunset Wallpaper

just stay tuned. xx

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Shoes Cart

i finally get over with the 8 days DG promoter jobs. it was really tiring. i actually think that there is no other promoter job that is tougher and more tiring than working as a DG promoter. but what is worth besides the pay is that i can get to know the great and friendly people i met during this 8 days. and also the priceless experiences and things i've went through and learnt. i really learnt a lot since i started working for DG, especially my PR.

and before getting my pay, i've already prepared my shopping list. shoes list to be exact. these are what i think of for now.

1. a pair of oxford loafers. im so into oldies and i think these vintage loafers are so pretty. but dad says they are very old fashion. he din know that these olden days fashion is actually the current trend :P

2. platform pumps. im consider short so i really have to start wearing heels more often. and walk with them naturally. i really adore girls that can wear them all day long o.o especially super high killer heels. how can they do that?

3. a pair of Fitflop and Birkenstock. there are very limited choices of Fitflop here in Kuching and no Birkenstock at all. so hopefully i can get them somewhere else.

Thats it for this entry. girls, we have infinity wants, cant help it. but i really think that i spend a lot lesser compared to last time. cause i have plans for something else. ok so maybe at least let me get the pumps and Fitflop first? lol.

off to prepare for my bff-movie-date. have a nice day people!

xoxo :)