Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sem break

Aloha people im back! Exam's finally over im back to a happy girl now :D well i actually think that i can no longer score straight As for my foundation course dy since the finance paper was frigging hard. 1 paper ruins everything. I only wish for a pass now. As for accounting2, please at least make it to 3.7!

And im, indeed always, looking for more part time and freelance jobs. Need more money to shop and travel. So if anyone of you or your friends are looking for promoter/ambassador/usherette, please, contact me either through my twitter or email. Fb also can but i don really on my fb, so yea. I would be very pleased if you can do that :D

btw, its already 22nd of May and i only have one entry for this month. lol so fail. my next post is going to be my wants' post. hopefully it can be done by tomorrow. seriously, sometime i keep the draft for quite a long time then only i complete and publish it lolol. i know i know fail blogger :( really have to do something to meet my resolution lol.

anyway, Vanity started practicing for a comp yesterday. its a tournament coming up next month. we only have one month left and i hope everything goes on smoothly. its a big deal so i really hope that Vanity can do it this time. to be exact i hope we are given chance. new member, Beverly joined us. she is doing well. hopefully she doesnt give herself too much stress but truly enjoy the dance ;)

ok thats it for this entry. i'll carry on with my wants post now! xx

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