Monday, May 28, 2012

Preloved up for grabs

PM me for their respective prices and detailed photos. xo :)

One of them looks like this! Backless top/short dress.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

What youth wants

okay if you want me to list out ALL my wants, that would be impossible. cause they are infinity. so here im going to choose my top5 wants which i really wish to get first if im asked to choose!

as a youth, most of the things we(at least me) think of are stuffs that make us feel great and satisfied. we only have our youth once so i really hope to own these before i get old or when i don really have my freedom after marriage or anything lol.

1. Kuching to have professional and qualified street dance competition. My dance crew, Vanity Crew to be recognized and given more opportunities

If you follow my blog, you will know that i have the passion in dancing and there are quite a number of entries about my dance career. i've mentioned, im happy and satisfied when i dance, especially when performing on the stage, for huge audience.

therefore, i hope people here will truly understand about street dance and can really differentiate street dance from any other sorts of dance. Kuching to have qualified street dance competitions with fair and proficient street dance judges and instructors from West Malaysia and even overseas. take Astro Battleground as an example.

and also Vanity Crew to be more popular not only within Kuching, but nationwide and even internationally.

Red Crescent Charity Dance Comp  @ The Spring

Christmas countdown @ The Spring birthday invasion @ BCCK

Breakfree @ Civic Centre

First appearance @ Borneo Street Dance Comp

these are part of Vanity's performances. more of our photos at our fb page here.

2. My blog to be known by more people out there.

i really admire full time bloggers like Xiaxue, Cheesie and Janechuck. their life are amazing and they really enjoy and live them to the fullest. and i wish to be like them too. get to meet more amazing people, invited to gatherings and parties, offered and get sponsored for great deals, enjoying my life too at this age.

i hope to be in one of the daily bloggers and blogger of the month. get reviewed so people can get to know my blog. and hopefully, like it as well.

3. Money, Fashion
yes! everyone loves money. and as a girl. i really wish to own a lot a lot of outfits, handbags, accessories, makeups, shoes, and not to say designers' pieces somemore! if i can win this, its maybe like one step closer achieving them! haha.

christina aguilera wardrobe

aticaleen fav bag lovee

4. More malls or places to enjoy in Kuching.
huge malls like these!

huge malls that even have indoor rock climbing facilities, dance studios, like Orchard Central, SG.

huge malls with indoor ice-skating, Sunway.

West Edmonton Mall Canada
huge malls that have amusement park, concert hall, West Edmonton Mall, Canada

more places for us to hang out during weekends or nightlife. more events and entertainments being carried out.

5. still, the most important of all, the bf, friends and family to live a safe, healthy and happy life.

so these are what i want the most. working hard to achieve some of them. and i really hope to win this. looking forward for great news.

Sarawak Bloggers and are catalyst of the future of Sarawak and Malaysia.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sem break

Aloha people im back! Exam's finally over im back to a happy girl now :D well i actually think that i can no longer score straight As for my foundation course dy since the finance paper was frigging hard. 1 paper ruins everything. I only wish for a pass now. As for accounting2, please at least make it to 3.7!

And im, indeed always, looking for more part time and freelance jobs. Need more money to shop and travel. So if anyone of you or your friends are looking for promoter/ambassador/usherette, please, contact me either through my twitter or email. Fb also can but i don really on my fb, so yea. I would be very pleased if you can do that :D

btw, its already 22nd of May and i only have one entry for this month. lol so fail. my next post is going to be my wants' post. hopefully it can be done by tomorrow. seriously, sometime i keep the draft for quite a long time then only i complete and publish it lolol. i know i know fail blogger :( really have to do something to meet my resolution lol.

anyway, Vanity started practicing for a comp yesterday. its a tournament coming up next month. we only have one month left and i hope everything goes on smoothly. its a big deal so i really hope that Vanity can do it this time. to be exact i hope we are given chance. new member, Beverly joined us. she is doing well. hopefully she doesnt give herself too much stress but truly enjoy the dance ;)

ok thats it for this entry. i'll carry on with my wants post now! xx

Friday, May 4, 2012

Plans for Hols

a silly pic of me. im now laying on my bed writing this entry while waiting for the bf to be home and call me. So its almost 2am now. Tmr will be sitting for my first finals paper. I really hope i can score well in all of them. Second last sem i really hope i've got no B for my foundation course. Anyway, im actually here to write bout things i've already planned to do after my finals lol. I know i always do that. Thinking bout holiday when the exam is yet to be started.

1. First, there will be 3 street dance comps holding up. Hot Dance Comp Miri Open in Miri, apparently. Rock Em Right which used to be Borneo Street Dance Comp. and the largest dance tournament in Msia, Kingz of the Ringz by Street Nation from KL. And im not sure which one Vanity Crew will be joining, since most of the members are currently busy with their own routines. But well i will just keep you guys updated :)
2. Second is the Rainforest World Music Festival. You will probably know that i've already got the tickets if you follow my instagram. Well its actually my first time to be there and im really looking forward to enjoy myself :D
3. Sketch a portrait of the bf. This is in my waiting list for a long time. And of course i'll post it up once im done.
4. Earn and save more money for my shopping spree with the bf on next year jan.
5. This will be the common one. Work. I need more part time or freelance jobs, seriously. To complete task 4. And also to shop for now lol.
6. Preloved to put up for sale perhaps.

I thinks thats what i can think of for now. Off to Sims free play. Download it from the apps store if you haven't. Nice game and its free.

Ciao! xoxo <3