Saturday, April 14, 2012

Together for Humanity 2012 by MRC

how i look that day. the bf doesnt like me with heavy make-up. me either :P

sorry that i kept on delaying guys D: cause i don really have photos of us that day, but i think i shall just update about it first since i have time now. maybe i will just write another entry once i get some of our photos?
and fyi, there will be more of my anger and thoughts posted here, instead of a proper post about the event. so if you mind, just skip this post, peace :)

"Together for Humanity" is a dance competition that was held by the MRC, Malaysia Red Crescent. It contains a series of different categories and styles:
i. School category for kindergartens, primary and secondary students
ii. Traditional category which is suppose to be contained by traditional cultural dance, ballet and so on
iii. Street Dance category which only includes the hiphop, break dance, contemporary
iv. Senior citizens for those above 55

it is so easy to differentiate all these dances, but im really doubt with people that were in charge who practically did not do their part on dance references and mixed all thing up, and in the end, faces criticisms from all.

its not ok if you cant differentiate street dance and traditional dance and yet you still organize a dance competition. some kind of silat dance got champion in street dance category? i don care if its traditional dance or not. as long as its not street dance, you certainly went under the wrong category. whats more, ballet got 2nd runner up in street dance category? i know they are good and i think they are good too. but hey, you all made some mistakes. you 2 belongs to the second category. i've got no problem if the ballet won in the traditional category. but certainly not with our category man.

but yea, whats done is done. like i mentioned, i believe at the crowd. i believe the reason why the applauded at us that much and the reason why the shouted VANITY when they were announcing the winners. anyway, still happy for Stepholic that got 3rd runner up, congrats! :D

these are the only pictures i have with me currently :)

this was us heading to Pizza Hut after our performance. finally can have a proper meal after a long day and the supaaa tiring routine. seriously.

for peeps that have our photos, kindly send us our photos cause we will post them in our page and write down the credits :D

once again, support our fb page if you havent :D and thanks for those who always stand by our side and support us. we will keep up the good job and never let you guys down :)

peace, love!
xoxo, Jasz.

p/s: video is here!

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