Thursday, April 12, 2012


hey guys. time for some updates :P its been a hectic week i had. after done busying with all my assignments and presentation, i continue to work for AVF at the PIKOM PC Fair which was held last weekend at the BCCK. met new friends and happy to say that i had tons of fun during that 3 days :D

i actually got that job through my sis who knew the person in charge. and then my classmate, Fiona wanted to join me as well. was so lucky that our manager or boss, hmm anything, treats everyone of us so well, and he even gave us a little souvenir at the last day of work. i totally had no pressure working there at all :)

thats the cashiers, annie and brenda who work for PC Image.

and 2 funny guys i met, christopher and chai hui.

and there is only thing that i believe every of the part timers and exhibitors hate about which is the food provided by the F&B department of BCCK. honestly, the food was awful. hope they really can take all these feedback into considerations. come on, RM7 per meal and thats what we have?

anyway, not regret that i ended up working for AVF instead of the Ford roadshow at Hills even though they have a higher pay. looking forward to the next pc fair :)

and fyi, Vanity is going to join "Together for Humanity" charity dance competition at The Spring which starts at noon time. so please show some support over there. hope to see you there.


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