Friday, April 27, 2012

Jocelyn 19th Bday

time flies. remember i said how i wish i could end my secondary school life as soon as possible and move on to my college life. and now im about to finish my foundation course and going to start my degree in year end. however, i still love all my secondary friends. never wanna lose any one of them in my life :)

so it was one of my bestie, Jocelyn's birthday last Wednesday. we all celebrated and dined at Tom's before our second round at Balibu.

i actually took my dinner at home before going to Tom's. was so hungry after class lol. but i still order myself chicken chop and i actually finished it all. simply delicious.

so like usual we girls just did all the camwhoring after our meals :P

and the birthday girl edited this.

walked to Balibu which is just located at the opposite shoplot of Tom's after that. its karaoke session and Jocelyn had anothor bunch of her friends to celebrate with her as well. and one of them, another admirer for exact actually prepared a huge and nice looking cake for her :)

enjoyed myself so much that night except that im still sick and i cant really sing. and disappointingly i waited for my song for like one whole night and it didnt show up -.- hate it when the shopper keeps letting their friends sing and skipped our turn. but well thats just a small part. i had a great night :D


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