Sunday, April 22, 2012

Movies reviews

time fore some movies reviews :D im going to do 3 movies' reviews here which are the Street Dance 2, Battleship and Lockout.

Rated 6/10
if it is to say street dance movies, i still prefer Step Up series since they always have better story line, street dance moves and choreography. they always impress me a lot. without the latin part, Street Dance 2 for me is actually quite bored. im not that excited when it comes to the part they compete. different compared to when i was watching Step Up which i really feel like joining them.

but yeah the latin part was really amazing. they are all really good. i was really shocked during the latin part cause its something that i've never seen before. so different compared to the latin we have here. so nice! so yea. thats it for Street Dance 2, the overall was okay.

Battleship 2012, Movie, Poster
Rated 9.5/10
Battleship was really nice for me. their graphics and the quality of the film are top notch. the action scene is cool and not fake at all.

Lockout Movie
Rated 8/10
Lockout is about a prison break in space where a condemned man who wrongly convicted of conspiracy, who is offered his freedom in exchange for a big task, break into that orbital prison that has been overrun by inmates, in order to rescue the president’s daughter. This movie is not bad except the front part which was so computerized.

thats all from me. i actually watched Hunger Games but i was actually quite disappointed. not as i expected. its always better to read the books instead of watching the movie. have a nice day :D


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