Wednesday, March 21, 2012

KL trip + Bff Hang-out

hey guys! im suppose to continue with my assignments but apparently im not but here updating my dusty diary. i'll try to make it quick ya. its actually just a little shopping spree i had with my family and also visits to our relatives in kl. and also some hang-out with my bff Joseph who is currently staying and studying there.

we went Levain Boulangerie Patisserie for lunch. a lot of bloggers introduced this place before and we have both known this place for quite some time dy but never had the chance to be there. so its a really good timing to be there since i promised to treat him there cause he helped me a lot in buying the Montblanc perfume last time so that i can give the boyfriend a surprise during the Valentines day.


the interior. the prices there are all reasonable and affordable. probably thats why it was so packed the day we went. especially cause its weekend. i personally like the interior very much too.

Joseph had himself Chicken Lasagne and i just stayed in my comfort zone, Chicken Meatball Bolognaise. ordered side dishes as well, mushroom soup and Triple Cheese and Chicken Ham pizza. yea its our side order. lol
as usual. had myself camwhored while waiting for our meal to be served. hehe

these food pictures were stolen from Joseph cause im too lazy to transfer the photos in my camera :P

tried his Chicken Lasagne and it was so yummehhh~ prefer this rather than my bolognaise. rate it 4.5/5

my Chicken Meatball Bolognaise. normal. 3/5.

our Triple Cheese and Chicken Ham pizza. it was good. 4/5.

and mushroom soup. forget how it taste like. hmm. so i wouldn't be giving it a rate. probably quite ok as well.

total of RM50.25. super cheap right! we ordered 4 courses and it costs me only one green paper! hehe. really recommend this place. i must go there again during my next visit with the boyfriend. i was really full and satisfied! :D

Lastly, show you guys what i bought for Handsome my dog at Pets Wonderland. haha. little souvenir.

xoxo. off for assignment T___T #backtoreality

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