Thursday, March 1, 2012

Busy March

so its March now. gonna have my final 2 months later. and im totally messed up with my studies this sem. must make sure this is settled after im back from KL.

things keep coming in. i started my March with quite a hectic week. part time job as DiGi product ambassador for 3 days in a row, dance practices for upcoming competition at night, and assignment to hand in before my trip to KL next week. this is only the first week of March, after im back in Kuching, i'll have my second assignment to be done and also to continue to catch up with the dance routines for the comp. but i love it to spend my days this way. i dont want to be person planking at home, or just online for the whole freaking day!

checking back my 2012 resolution list,
1. Another trip with my hubby. 2. Score more 4.0 for my exams. 3. Update my blog more often. Lol a bit guilty for this :P 4. Accept more part time jobs and make sure i save the money and spend them accordingly. 5. Keep improving in dancing and make sure Vanity is ready for more and more exposure. 6. Vanity get at least one top 3 in a dance comp. 7. Improve my self esteem. Prettier and more mature please :3 8. Improve in socializing. Must not be shy everytime i get along with new people, as well as the old ones. 9. Control my temper betterly. 10. Be healthy and happy :D
no tick for the first ones cause the trip is on 2013 Jan. lol. hope to have another trip at the end of this year. no tick for second ones :( i think the third ones is in process. oh and the fourth ones. i need moreeeeee part time job. yes moreeeeeeeeeeee. i hope i can get to know more companies or event companies that are looking for product ambassador. but seriously, can they get their promoters paid on time? -.- anyway, i have a target this year which is to earn as much as i can. there is something on my 'to buy list' and i really hope that i can finally tick it by the end of this year or maybe next year before cny? as well to travel again. next, the 5th and the 6th ones are also in the process :) 7th as well hahaha! 8th 9th and 10th as well! :D

thats all from now. even if its a busy March, im still excited cause its me and the hubby boy anniversay month. cant wait for our 'honeymoon'! have a nice day!


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