Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Mting 19th Birthday

If you have known me through my secondary school, you will probably know who my besties are. and the eldest among us, Mting had her 19th birthday celebration with us sisters and her friends at Secret Sanctuary last Saturday. Fyi, Secret Sanctuary is located at Stutong area. for detailed address, click here.

It is a nice cozy place with unique interior design. do check this place out if you want to find a nice place for chilling and limteh.

however, im so not pleased with the food served. I ordered ala carte set meal, which includes chicken chop, pasta and salad, it is awful. the chicken chop is ok, but certainly not the pasta and salad. it was so wrong it looked and taste like mee hoon. with some kind of mayonnaise or sauce on top of it. and i din even touch the salad. so phail. therefore i only recommend people to go there only for some chilling and drinks.

but i was told by my classmate that she went there once and ordered local food like bee-lin vege and they are nice. but how come there are only 5 or 6 western courses i saw when i went?

anyway back to the topic. Jocelyn, Roseline and I bought Lancome perfume set that comes with a mascara and pencil eyeliner for her. and she loves it.


Mting's presents

we chilled around the place for quite some time and went off for our second round at Roseline's dad's lounge, Young Boy which was located at BDC. they have very nice sound system so do visit! its just right behind the Xiang Xiang food court.

before ending this post. share with you guys this app 'Body Symbol' that helps us to take this kind of pic very easily.

xoxo :)

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