Wednesday, February 8, 2012


CNY was over, and now Valentines is just next Tuesday, hows your preparation? :D i bought present for Darren through my friend, Joseph who is currently studying in KL and had him send it all over to Kuching by courier service. Will receive it by tomorrow. yay! So much thanks to him and i promised to treat him when i go KL during March :) really appreciate this cause without his help this would definitely become impossible although i still have friends staying in Kl only that they are all not that close. *Joseph you reading this?*

The boyfriend thought that i bought nothing for him cause thats what i told him. hopefully he believes it. love giving him surprises! its something that Kuching doesnt have, at least for now. they were all sold out. spent so much effort just to get him this present cause thats his favourite brand. im not going to tell what i bought for him only until my blog post about my Valentines celebration :)

For singles out there, well just party hard with a bunch of crazy friends. that would be fun enough. cheers :)


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