Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!

hey guys, im here to wish every one of you Happy Chinese New Year. For people who are not celebrating, Happy Holidays! :D

yesterday was Chap Goh Meh. did a last minute shopping at noon time with my 2 sisters at The Spring and Hills. and these are my bargains. you may see this pic in my instagram if your following me :)

a pair of ballerina flats and a pair of slippers from PDI, Lingerie from La Senza and a necklace from Diamond and Platinum.

went back at 4something and we were just in time for our reunion dinner :) how was your reunion dinner yesterday? hope you all had a great time. i had mine at around 4 cause we were all starving since the whole morning of tiding up. and these are all my mum's cooking. she is the best. appreciate everything she did to this family.

一家人聚在一起吃团圆饭 <3

not to forget handsome. he also had a great reunion meal yesterday.

letting us to shoot for him with his meal and a smile on. haha cute.

did a manicure myself last night.

DIY red nail. a simple one :)

went cousins houses this morning. this was us camwhoring when we otw go visiting.

simple attire for my first day of New Year. Nude colour dress, Emilio wedges, MNG sling bag.

and lastly, family portrait :D
i feel lucky to have them as my family. cherish.

and bye for now. wishing you guys a prosperous new year :)


  1. Happy chinese new year :)
    Your family potrait is great!

    1. Thanks Shasha. Happy Chinese New Year to you too :)

  2. Your dog eats broccoli??? o.o Wahhh.

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