Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Resolution

Hey guys, so its the second day of CNY. Im now actually laying on my bed writing this post using my iphone. Its Blogger's app i downloaded few days ago from apps store :) hope Blogger will improve this app cause i only rate it 3 out of 5.

So yea, i will set up a new resolution list every year. So for this dragon year, i will try my best to accomplish all the tasks below.

1. Another trip with my hubby.
2. Score more 4.0 for my exams.
3. Update my blog more often. Lol a bit guilty for this :P
4. Accept more part time jobs and make sure i save the money and spend them accordingly.
5. Keep improving in dancing and make sure Vanity is ready for more and more exposure.
6. Vanity get at least one top 3 in a dance comp.
7. Improve my self esteem. Prettier and more mature please :3
8. Improve in socializing. Must not be shy everytime i get along with new people, as well as the old ones.
9. Control my temper betterly.
10. Be healthy and happy :D

and thats the 10 resolutions for this year. hope that i can achieve all of them. Wish me good luck! :D off to a nap now before my next visiting.

Thanks for reading.

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