Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 CNY

Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away and im soo not ready yet cause i only got 3 tops, a bag and a pair of wedges :( did not travel thats why i couldnt have much new outfits. surfed so much online boutiques but bought a few only. hope i can get to know more blogshops.

anyway, my room is, at least for now, ready for the new year. boyfie came last Sunday to help me stick up my oh-so-awesome wallpaper. lol. its actually flowery wallpaper. love it to the max.

this is the end results. and thats my very busy body doggie sniffing all around.

in the process. my room was really in a mess. threw everything on the table and the bed.

however im still not satisfied cause i wan this kind of drawers/wardorbe/makeup table. lol whatever name it is. going to hunt it at IKEA when i go KL in March :D

i love it when it comes to gambling session everytime during cny. people gather around and have fun. and also getting ang pao. im 19 this year so i hope i wont get that little before i turn into 20 something when adults stop giving me lol.

and if you haven notice, i have finally signed up to Instagram. im a newbie so do follow me thanks. JaszPhin is my username :) added the Instagram badge at my blog sidebar.

and thats all for now. going to update bout my new year resolution as well as the preview of my preloved im going to sell off on my next updates.

xoxo :)

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