Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 Resolution

Hey guys, so its the second day of CNY. Im now actually laying on my bed writing this post using my iphone. Its Blogger's app i downloaded few days ago from apps store :) hope Blogger will improve this app cause i only rate it 3 out of 5.

So yea, i will set up a new resolution list every year. So for this dragon year, i will try my best to accomplish all the tasks below.

1. Another trip with my hubby.
2. Score more 4.0 for my exams.
3. Update my blog more often. Lol a bit guilty for this :P
4. Accept more part time jobs and make sure i save the money and spend them accordingly.
5. Keep improving in dancing and make sure Vanity is ready for more and more exposure.
6. Vanity get at least one top 3 in a dance comp.
7. Improve my self esteem. Prettier and more mature please :3
8. Improve in socializing. Must not be shy everytime i get along with new people, as well as the old ones.
9. Control my temper betterly.
10. Be healthy and happy :D

and thats the 10 resolutions for this year. hope that i can achieve all of them. Wish me good luck! :D off to a nap now before my next visiting.

Thanks for reading.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Year!

hey guys, im here to wish every one of you Happy Chinese New Year. For people who are not celebrating, Happy Holidays! :D

yesterday was Chap Goh Meh. did a last minute shopping at noon time with my 2 sisters at The Spring and Hills. and these are my bargains. you may see this pic in my instagram if your following me :)

a pair of ballerina flats and a pair of slippers from PDI, Lingerie from La Senza and a necklace from Diamond and Platinum.

went back at 4something and we were just in time for our reunion dinner :) how was your reunion dinner yesterday? hope you all had a great time. i had mine at around 4 cause we were all starving since the whole morning of tiding up. and these are all my mum's cooking. she is the best. appreciate everything she did to this family.

一家人聚在一起吃团圆饭 <3

not to forget handsome. he also had a great reunion meal yesterday.

letting us to shoot for him with his meal and a smile on. haha cute.

did a manicure myself last night.

DIY red nail. a simple one :)

went cousins houses this morning. this was us camwhoring when we otw go visiting.

simple attire for my first day of New Year. Nude colour dress, Emilio wedges, MNG sling bag.

and lastly, family portrait :D
i feel lucky to have them as my family. cherish.

and bye for now. wishing you guys a prosperous new year :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

2012 CNY

Chinese New Year is just 2 weeks away and im soo not ready yet cause i only got 3 tops, a bag and a pair of wedges :( did not travel thats why i couldnt have much new outfits. surfed so much online boutiques but bought a few only. hope i can get to know more blogshops.

anyway, my room is, at least for now, ready for the new year. boyfie came last Sunday to help me stick up my oh-so-awesome wallpaper. lol. its actually flowery wallpaper. love it to the max.

this is the end results. and thats my very busy body doggie sniffing all around.

in the process. my room was really in a mess. threw everything on the table and the bed.

however im still not satisfied cause i wan this kind of drawers/wardorbe/makeup table. lol whatever name it is. going to hunt it at IKEA when i go KL in March :D

i love it when it comes to gambling session everytime during cny. people gather around and have fun. and also getting ang pao. im 19 this year so i hope i wont get that little before i turn into 20 something when adults stop giving me lol.

and if you haven notice, i have finally signed up to Instagram. im a newbie so do follow me thanks. JaszPhin is my username :) added the Instagram badge at my blog sidebar.

and thats all for now. going to update bout my new year resolution as well as the preview of my preloved im going to sell off on my next updates.

xoxo :)

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


hey guys, im here to update about Vanity's last 2 showcases at 2011 :D well basically i'll just let the pictures do the talking. oh and one of the videos will also be posted here :)

Vanity performed at The Spring during Christmas Eve for the Christmas Eve Extravaganza. and that was actually the first time Vanity girls performed without our leader Cherry. she was travelling at KL that time. fortunately the performance that night was great! :D

love the lightning! you can see it in the video :D

i should have pin my hair up that night. so messy it always covered up my face :(

after performance at backstage :D
lastly taking photo with the santa. Merry Christmas! :D

so here you go for the video :)

enjoy! :D

next is the What's Popping Vol.2 at The Spring again. but indoor. it was organised by Soul Dance and they invited us to perform, as well as Feasible Crew :) no video taken since Mr.Hubby was not there and no one else, probably, take the video for us. so yea, only photos.

V for Vanity :D

a close up of me xP

nice contrast!

ending pose :D dont mess up with mad women rofl.

photos taken after performance.

thats all for now. looking forward for the upcoming showcase on 14th. the theme is sailor and i cant wait to learn the new routine tonight! candyman candyman oh man pin up love! :D