Saturday, December 29, 2012

Last entry for 2012

Hey guys. Exam ended. All assignments are handed in. Hope results will be satisfying. And 11-freaking-working-days is about to end soon. 1 more day left. Now im moving onto dance practices for Gatsby's finals on 19th of Jan, 2013!

Fyi, its going to be held at Sunway Ice Skating Ring. Yeap! N ive no idea how cold its gonna be dancing there, with our new costume. Ohh n i aint gonna tell what we are wearing. Stalk my insta or fb maybe. haha. Anyway costume this time round is a BIG LOVE! (block letters to further express this)

This is as well a sponsored trip by the organizer, just like the previous KOTR's finals. Air tix and hotel accommodation. And guess what! We are staying in Pyramid Tower! hehe. And will be given allowances everyday!

However this time only 3 max participants each group. Mentioned in the audition post. It would be so much better and fun if all Vanity can go together. But i believe theres still chances. And hopefully 3 of us can bring out the best. im really excited for it, and NERVOUS! (notice the block letters) Wish us luck! :)

And if you have no plan yet for your New Year countdown, please go and support Vanity at Old Bazaar Cafe! We will be performing 3 routines! See ya there!

Before capping the last entry, i would like to apologize for blogging so little this year. I mean year by year. From 44 entries on 2010, to 38 entries on 2011 and to this year's 35 entries. Failed to accomplish this on my 2012 new year resolution. Im terribly sorry!

And im really greatful for those who still stay here reading this. Im not gonna promise but i'll try to blog more next year. Since i got my own notebook now. Hehe. Well, till the next post. See you in 2013! Have a great party! Thank you!

Saturday, November 3, 2012


This year birthday was celebrated with bunch of important friends of mine. Darren went KL and we had a simple dinner a day before. Party was held at The Junk's Red Room, it was a close session organised mainly by my college friends, Fiona, Danny and Nick. Im really blessed cause they were so contribute just to make me happy and to have an unforgettable ones.

I invited those closer to me. girlfriends, secondary and college buddies. wore my floral corset, mullet skirt and black platform heels.

 these are my secondary friends, Arang knights. Those i had most fun with in class and during recess. remember all those silly stuffs we did together in class. messing around, not paying attention and eat all the time.

 these are my girlfriends for 10 amazing years! you can see the changes in us. its incredible having friends like this, which you literally call them soulmates.

and this is the mama among us, Mting. hehe

 Segians. Im really glad they came. i have to apologize for not spending much time accompanying them since i was too busy moving around, doing the social thing. hope they had fun!

and here, Fiona insisted to take a shot with all the guys. well actually not all in here.

and they bought me my favorite, Red Velvet from Tom's. wanted to give me a surprise but end up mission failed. cause i accidentally saw the invoice Fiona left on the class table. haha! it was so funny but im really really pleased for what they did.

and they all have this 'pantang' that every birthday friends of them have to sort of be punished. and i mentioned not too over cause i wanna stay pretty for the rest of the night. haha. so i'll just have to remove all the candles with my mouth. and fyi, candle doesnt taste any good tq.

move on with the rest of the photos i have with me.







Fiona. Current fb profile pic cause i think i look great! haha

 part of the Polaroids taken. Particularly love the one with my sis. Place it in my wallet now :D

More people went after. As well as friends' friends. Just asked them to enjoy themselves. And there is this guy who ordered a shot of whiskey for me right before i leave. Thanks for that it tastes really nice!

Last but not least, pressie time! everyone's favorite. Well well, my favourite of all time can. Haha

if you followed my insta, checkered top from MNG and the black mullet skirt were the earliest presents by Fiona, Danny, Nick and Alex. Blush! leopard prints lingerie from foundation buddies. La Senza panties from Roseline, Jocelyn and Mting. A Novel from Avril. Spikes headgear from Brenda and Aaron. Floral skirt just a very random one mummy paid for me haha. she and dad both gave me angpaos like usual. FujiFilm Instanx Mini 7s from sis. Fitflop's Flare from Darren.

so after i got my Flare, mum and sis were so tempted to get one for themselves too.


overall i had a great 19th birthday. looking forward for a great year. hope everything goes well and that i will have a greater story to tell on my 20th.

btw thanks for being so passion with me and my blog. xoxo :)

p/s: Its one week plus to Christmas. you prepared?

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Segi Prom 2012

Segi's 2012 Prom was themed Bow-Tie Hollywood and organized at Crown Square. yea Crown. im doing my second year in segi and it was actually my first time attending its prom. friends said its so much better this year compared to the previous ones :X haha.

Fairy-like Dress: Gold Apple
Black Platform Wedges
Skull Rings Clutch
Bangles: F21

Sis helped me with my braided updo. its was simply gorgeous. with a flowery hairband i got from F21 as well. love their accessories!

but too bad i only have one shot of it! i was in a hurry cause i didnt prepare much earlier hehe.

Sis brought me there. cause she's going down town for her class too. Prom starts at 7pm. with an opening dance by Vanthrilla Crew. These 2 photos are credited to Xin Jie.

We have quite a numbers of Segian thats good in singing. so basically performances that night are more on singing. besides a guy whose really good in yoyo whom was invited. i didnt have a picture of him. Friend said he's good and well-known and i never know.


fiona smocking hot with her new dress.

we have around 6 to 7 dishes but only 2 shots taken. and we didnt finish so many of them cause we were too busy. shouting for our friend Leslie who was nominated to be Prom King. which made us The Most Energetic Table that night. noisiest table to be exact.

lovely Vivian. haha had so much fun with her around. but why didnt i curl my fringe? T___T

Danny, Kriston and Fiona

Thats Leslie on stage. very shy and cute. and prom queen is student from Korea. oh and the MCs suck big time. thats the worse part for the entire event.

group picture before second round.

end this post with my self shot :) hehe. before removing my makeup last night.


Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Just a very random post about one of my online purchases in case you forget about my blog :( received my parcel on Tuesday with these new babes inside.

Upper left: Studded chiffon top
Upper right: Floral bralet
Lower left: Floral bodycon dress
Lower right: Lace top
DIY studs, Skull sling bag, Studded killer flats
and a casual black bodycon dress which is not inside the picture.

so happy with this time purchase. besides just sharing my purchase, i actually think of sharing it to become your purchase. haha you get it?

i wonder if im taking orders of the studded flats, is there anyone of you thats interested? with RM69 inclusive of the international postage all the way from oversea. when it reaches, we use COD if your from Kuching. other than Kuching, you have to pay for the local postage on your own. sounds good?

but before that, please be informed that it takes around 3 to 4 weeks to arrive. only pm me if its ok for you. thanks! :)

LINE ID: jaszphin
Twitter: jaszphin
Facebook: Jasz Phin Vanity

have a nice day! xoxo.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Gatsby 5th Dance Competition Sarawak Recruitment

it was 2 days before the competition. i checked out Vanity page, and came across a link someone posted on our page. i clicked inside and went through everything, and get soooo excited and said that we MUST join this thing! cause i really think we stand a very very high chance to win it! and yes we did! :'D

we win away RM300 cash prize, goodies bags full of Gatsby products for each 3 of us and also air tickets to KL for the grand final coming January, with hotel accommodation!

The Gatsby Dance Competition is Asia’s biggest dance event, connecting 8 countries in the Asia region (Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Japan) created specially for high school, college and university students who love to dance.

There are 2 ways to join, either by uploading your dance video, or by joining the on ground audition organized at different states, JB, Penang, Kuching, KK, Malacca and KL.

and yes like i've mentioned, winners from each recruitments get to compete once again in the grand final. No.1 student dancer in Malaysia, that won the grand final in KL, will be representing the country to the Gatsby Dance Competition Asia Finals in Japan!

one of the rules is that there can only be 3 maximum dancers per submission. so this time round, only me, Cherry and Teresa took part. i believe it would be much more fun if all Vanity babes can participate together. anyway, we only practiced for 2 days for this audition! 2 new routines with Gatsby theme songs as background. yeap, contestants must use their theme songs but not our own musics.

All registered contestants were given these electronic sports wrist watches before entrance. and i would like to share with you that i actually chose a pink one!

The audition was very casual, which all contestants gathered in the hall, having fun together.

Judges from West Malaysia. Left: Fellest. Right: Nick

No photos were taken when we ere performing on stage this time. neither video. i know right. we totally forget about it. sorry about that.

so after the audition, judges wanted everyone of us to do a cypher. to try out this very cool Pioneer Steez. yes cypher! man i kind of have a phobia for this word!

we were divided into 2 groups. me and Teresa under Fellest's. Cherry and Ruf under Nick's.

like seriously, i've never met judge as friendly and naughty as Fellest. leading us having tons of fun!

lastly all dancing together as a whole. and yeap, everyone had fun! :D

Sarawak Represent - Vanity Crew

we are so glad we made it again! 2 days of intense practice are totally worth it. even though its not enough and i know we can do so much better if we have enough time for preparation. but we will still work harder. and yes, we eat our words, see you again KL! we will be there again for another grand final! hehe!

Last but not least, Vanity's interview! :D
(i've no idea i just feel like laughing all the way round)

For more photos, check Vanity Crew and Gatsby facebook. Peace everyone! and have a great weekend!

there are photos of us receiving awards on stage, with the judges. but its not up at Gatsby page. maybe i update this post again if i happen to get it?

have a great day ahead people! xoxo.