Friday, December 30, 2011

Before 2011 ends

look at Mr.pimple! he was there since Christmas eve! counting down together with me T___T

guess this should probably be my last post for 2011. hmm such a wonderful year. cherish and never complain since we are still breathing and reading this post healthily. thanks for everything i had and experienced.

finally graduated from the freaking 5 years secondary school life, excitedly entered my first year in college, met new friends, been so hardworking to get all A's, hey at least im not that hardworking in secondary school :P the birth of Vanity, and us getting to more and more exposure, all members so hardworking practicing for all the showcases and competition. hubby finally got his desirably interior deco job which is actually what he is currently studying. having an extinct kind of boss that treats him super good that sometimes i do get jealous -.- family all safe and healthy. i have nothing else to ask for :)

and for all those other remaining wants, i dont pray to have it but i can work hard to get it myself :D however, im still looking forward for a better next year. hope i can do well in my remain subjects in foundation and enter my degree happily.

well thats all for now.
xoxo hugs.

p/s: going Damai with hubby and dancemates tomorrow. rejected a show and going to countdown there. huhu cant wait xD

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