Friday, December 23, 2011

50s' Pin-up Photo-shoot

im so into pin-up fashion and stuffs cause i find it so uniquely beautiful. however pin-up costumes are all equally expensive. and i can hardly find them in the market as well. especially this mini city. remember i mentioned i had a photo-shoot awhile ago? and yes it a series of 50s' pin-up theme photos. my photographer is a lovely girl, Munie, whom is also one of Vanity members :)


its so much comfortable to have a female photographer compared to a male ones. cause girl and girl, we can discuss what kind of pin-up posing we can do, search for the costumes, lend me stuffs for the shoots and also give me guidance for the make-up needed to be applied for the theme.

i grew taller that day wtf. wore Munie's sister's super-awesome red wedges. im so in love with it but its not mine T___T been hunting for this kind of pin-up wedges since forever but like seriously. where are you all hiding!? i also put on chilli red lipstick to suit the theme and Munie's mum curled my hair for me :D

oh and the venue is Kilkenny restaurant. got the owner's permission and he is so friendly. we did not spend a single cent there. and used up every corners of the restaurant.

Munie even bring a vintage telephone to Kilkenny :')

the white top im wearing that day is actually a long ones. so i looked super awkward with that weird belly when i tunked it into my skirt. oh and not to forget the vintage luggage and straw hats belong to Munie's family as well :P

i actually smoked! lol. cant stand it and feel like choking to death that time :S but the smoke in the photo is not obvious so Munie has to edit in some.

waaa so ke si.









i did the polka dots nails myself haha proud!

i can fit in the luggage. #dreaming




guess i'll just stop here. not going to post all of them :P will have 2 more shoots to go with Munie. different themes. cant wait cause hubby will join for the following shoots. hehe.

thats all for now :D xoxo.

p/s: if you are interested to have Munie to be your photographer, i can help in contacting her :)