Monday, December 19, 2011


hey guys, been really busy recently with dance practices and showcases. neglecting my blog as i always do. so now i'll do a summary of these massive updates aite ;)

got my new baby last Saturday, her name is BabyPhin. if you know what it is.

and of course, i signed up with digi. love their iphone plan. i chose iDiGi88, the 1GB quota ones, only have to pay RM60 per month for the unlimited data plan which come along with free calls, sms and mms. bought a baby pink casing for BabyPhin @ one jaya. i think i will just buy the following casings online :P

apart from that, did manicure myself. its leopard prints! its super easy. only 3 steps and you are done with salon-like manicure xD

1. Apply base coat(its ok if you skip this) and any nail colour you prefer.
2. Add on the leopard prints with another nail colour.
3. Line up the prints with preferably black colour.

this is the final results :) took awhile ago. think im going to remove it soon.

next are some of Vanity's photos taken during our showcases.

this is Biker's Night @ Hilton Senso

is that a Harley Davidson? i only know it starts with a 'H'. People said i gained weight! zomg.

next is Street Shock back-up dance for Astro @ Premier101. unfortunately it was raining that night.

Vanity and Shark Gangz from Street Shock

Kim. its our second time as his back-up dancers. the first time was at this year's Kuching Fest.


we missed out taking photo with another female singer whos name is Miko. and also when Vanity is in another costume.

well, Vanity Crew will be performing at The Spring this coming Saturday for the Christmas Countdown. So make sure people who wanna catch us live don miss it ;) different routines btw!

loves. xoxo.

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