Friday, September 30, 2011


wanna show you all a very talented Ukrainian Dance Group, Kazaky which i get to know from my dance mates and also a dance blogger from KL :)

Within a short period of time, Kazaky has made a big stir throughout the Internet and social media. You can search their videos in youtube. Its a group of 4 males that dance in heels! and they did it better than female dancers! lol

so here is a video to show you guys. look at their abs and the perfect long legs!!!

well, signing off now.
xoxo :)

Friday, September 23, 2011

Hey guys!

im back for updates! :P

that was me after a showcase of Street Shock together with Gotsoul

well, i dont have the photos and videos of that showcase with me, they are all in my dancemate's ipad and cam. but i do have some photos of another showcase Street Shock did at Hilton on August :)

theme for the showcase that night was the 80's :D

dancers performing that night. falling in love with the gloves Teresa ordered for Street Shock.

oh and besides the showcases, i worked as DiGi promoter during the week before Raya. and also the 3days when Wilber Pan came.

together with my girlfriends during our breaktime :) wearing my new ballerina lace flats <3

Next, move on to Mooncake Festival! went Carpenter street the day before the festival with my family.

photo stolen from sis take 1#

photo stolen from sis take 2#

photo stolen from sis take 3#

photo stolen from sis last take#

its not as crowded as last year. not many booths as well. went off when it started raining.

well and for the next day which is the mooncake fest, me and hubby together with our friends went friendship park. and yes everyone went there lol. it was super jam that night but we were so lucky that we straight away got a place to park when we drove in ;)

a fail pic i took

the atmosphere that night :) there are people in couples, people with family, with doggies, breakers having cypher, photographers capturing the memory and so on.

 me and hubb shared and bought a 'kong ming teng' with Avril and her bf. wrote down my wish in chinese :)

thats all for now. there are more entries actually but quite a handful of my photos are still stuck in hubby's phone. something is wrong with the itunes. anyway, have a great day peeps!