Friday, August 5, 2011


theres always some catching up to do since ive not been updating that frequent :S finally finished my finals for this sem, sat for total of 3 subjects. i think i did pretty well for all of them x)

had a farewell for our lecturer, Ms Jane at Station One after our class on 21st of July, Thursday. She is going back to East Malaysia and wish her happy marriage! :)

gangs and ms jane

 these are my groupmates. camwhoring after our presentation. had my long fringe cut off! i like my collar bones anyway. i think female looks nice with it :X

theres more photos in my facebook maybe you can go view them there if you're interested. cause i cant right click and save the photos my friends tagged me with google crome! grr. i can only copy the link, open another browser with internet explorer and save. so troublesome!

Street Shock had performance on 30th of July, Sunday, the day before my exam at Kuching Festival 2011. maybe my classmates were burning midnight oil while i was having fun there. lol

SSDS dancers and members together with the invited singers. oh ya! we were the backup dancers for those 3 singers that night.

i had dance practice every night in between my exam days. after as backup dancers, Street Shock was once again invited to perform 2 routines on 4th of August, which was last night. this time is our own dance routines :)

the girls posing at the back stage. we had street jazz for the first routine, and hiphop plus wacking for the second routine.

balloon hippopotamus behind -.- 

 me after performance and supper with hubb last night :)

lastly, handsome posing in front of the camera. have a pleasant day ahead peeps!


p/s: oh ya! once again, do support Street Shock Dance Studio page at facebook ya. thanks so much. if you're interested in any of our classes, do not hesitate to contact us :) hugss!


  1. I laugh at the final pictures - that aside, it looks like you had a load of fun!

  2. yes i did :D

    don forget to support Street Shock page at facebook alright. winks*