Friday, July 1, 2011


i love my benetton tee. btw they are having promotion now wink*

its July today! half year is gone. and yes im not updating my blog very often and thats very normal lol. had my quantitative methods' mid term yesterday and i think it was okay. the only thing is that i was too busy body! i wanted to try out all the section B questions which i dont have to. and when i see people going out, i finished up everything in jet speed and without wanting to stay for double check, i went off to find hubby, excitingly. i know im stupid. i know T__T im so regret i wont do this anymore* i think i might have left out some questions somemore shyt. but i was told that it only consists of 10 out of the total marks in our final exam. so i think it was nothing right? lol cross finger*

went Jln Song starbucks with my groupmates wanting to finish up our assignments, i mean at least one of the topic. but yeah. apparently its a mission impossible. but i have done three paragraphs and only left out two. so im quite disappointed :/

by the way, if you follow segi twitter or facebook, you will probably saw this post. read it yourself if you haven heard of it cause im lazy to like say it out again. my parents are so proud of her.

dad keeps on buying other newspapers those few days just in case we missed out any of her articles. of course, im proud too. and it definitely let me wanting to be more serious and excellent in my studies :)

well thats all for now. im getting hungry easily nowadays which i have no idea and i miss my long and curly hair so much! :(