Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vivi July Issue Mag-Scan

hey peeps! i bet you all sure visit here once you read this entry's topic right? haha. so here you go, a few sneak peeks of Vivi July Issue :D

cropped top and large size top is still the trend in July. always so casual and trendy :D

and also the backless dresses with im so in love with! mad love this backless dress Lena's wearing cause it perfectly covered up the bra! i have one chocolate backless dress which i never wear because its super short! i think i can only wear it as a top. will see when or what occasion i can wear it zz

vintage dresses. yes? :D

 or dress up like an angel perhaps  white is always my favourite colour do you know that? wink* 

denim or laces? both? :)

jumper/ romper ♥ what do you think?

summer dresses are always 

bored? how about going wild and sexy? :)

lastly, an ending with the pretty Lena

so i will update posts for these magazines today onwards. you can also request for the sneak peaks of other magazines. yes why not? all you have to do is to email me thats it  so that we can all share fashion together. nice? :D

till then girls. have a pleasant day.