Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art of the ink

have you ever think of me getting a tatt like this? well i have uploaded it in my facebook and there were people who thought that it is a real one. haha. actually its just an edited photo by the boyfriend.

talking about tattoo, there are still many people who have negative feelings about it, mostly asians i guess. so let me show some of the people around me with tatts.

the bottom one is a tatt my sis got last year at a tattoo fair at Borneo Convention Centre by an Italian.

its a crown on her wrist which i super love also.

and this one is the tatt hubby boy got in this early year at Tattoo Family, KL. and i think i blogged about it did i? its something like ancient chinese kinda chop. i know i sound weird.

so im also going to get myself one as well. but not now of course. but a present for myself when im 21 :D yeapee cant wait!

so yea. thats all. just that i dont think tattoo is a bad thing. only it depends on the people who owned it.


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