Thursday, May 19, 2011

Blog Header

im having a new header now as you can see. which im loving it. its actually a very simple photoshot taken by the boyfriend.

well i have my first exam in college this sat. wish me luck peeps! i sincerely hope i can do well. gosh. staying alone in Kuching for the coming holiday. i mean without the boyfriend and parents. left elder sis and handsome boy == hopefully i have lotsa cash to shop. but in this small town? #*&@#*%)

hmm. im looking forward for a real photoshoting. i want my own persoal portrait album so badly! and also getting a tatt!

stay tune peeps =)


ok im done with my exam and im extremely happy now cause i did great! must A if not.. if not.. i cry!! yeah time to enjoy! :DD

Tuesday, May 10, 2011



最近的我超忙的. PC fair打工三天和assignment的事情都让我忙得喘不过气来. 那三天真是辛苦我的双脚了. 站了整整三天超痛的. 不过我做的很开心, 那就算了:) 而且最近的天气怎么那么热啊! 原本让我有点烦的事情变的更烦了== 哈! 但现在能在这里blogging就证明我开始喘回气来了.

可怜的钱包最近都很瘦, 对不起一直让你饿肚子. 真的得努力赚钱! 不过同时我也不会忘了怒力求学的啦. 下星期六就考试了. 还没开始温习, 有点紧张.

已经两个星期没去跳舞了. 对自己进步一点点的软度有点过意不去. 希望不会打回原形啊! 我很想念在KL和新加坡逛街的日子! 想念forever21, cotton on和topshop. 很后悔当时拒绝跟爸爸妈妈妹妹去KL. 现在后悔也来不急了.

还有最近在fb狂传播的校园凌欺事件真的是吓死人了. 拜托你们才13岁耶. 真的是无言. 只能说我们的社会真的生病了. 人欺人就算了, 让我最看不过眼的还是虐待小动物的人! 你们是怎么样! 真的是一点生活意义也没有. 不说了. 说了就一肚子火.

那就到这里了. 要开始啃书了.


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Art of the ink

have you ever think of me getting a tatt like this? well i have uploaded it in my facebook and there were people who thought that it is a real one. haha. actually its just an edited photo by the boyfriend.

talking about tattoo, there are still many people who have negative feelings about it, mostly asians i guess. so let me show some of the people around me with tatts.

the bottom one is a tatt my sis got last year at a tattoo fair at Borneo Convention Centre by an Italian.

its a crown on her wrist which i super love also.

and this one is the tatt hubby boy got in this early year at Tattoo Family, KL. and i think i blogged about it did i? its something like ancient chinese kinda chop. i know i sound weird.

so im also going to get myself one as well. but not now of course. but a present for myself when im 21 :D yeapee cant wait!

so yea. thats all. just that i dont think tattoo is a bad thing. only it depends on the people who owned it.