Friday, April 29, 2011

JiaZhen 21st Birthday

so my eldest sis has her birthday fall on 21st of April as well. held a celebration at Lok Thian that night. my hubby boy was invited too :) how good if handsome can be there too :/ for those who dont know, handsome is my doggie.

so for those who had my facebook, you will probably seen some of the photos here before. and this post is going to be a pictures-more-than-words-post. so enjoy :)

do you love the cake cause i love it. i want this kind of cake for my 18th birthday too! :D

and i noticed i always forgot to take picture of the foods instead of camwhoring! anyway the foods was awesome and i hope they are all in front of me right now. you know what i just love asian or i can say chinese cuisine so damn damn much! starting to starve i must go and hunt for some snacks later lolol.

meet my little sister for those who have not seen her before :) many people said that we look so much alike compare to our elder sister, so what do you think? btw i think i look great in this photo. haha

the birthday girl :)

hippo faces

so after the meals everyone invited just went up on stage group by group to take photos with the birthday girl. however im not going to post photos of others here. view my sis blog if you are just too interested to see :)

her boyfriend

my boyfriend. he looks so cute when he is shy ^^

sisters :)

family photo including my sis k-mum family :)

thats all peeps. hope you enjoy >< good night!


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