Monday, April 4, 2011


Well please dont get bored of my update cause its a dance post again xP

Street Shock joined a competition organised by the SUPP last Sunday, which was on the 3rd of April at Kenyalang Theatre. Theres a good news and also a bad news. which one do you prefer to listen first? anyway im going to tell the bad one first lolol. bad news is that we did not manage to get into top 3, unfortunately. but good news is that we got 2 prizes, which are the Consolation and Best Costume :D

there are total of 15 or 16 groups. Top 3 crews and 3 consolations. I think we did quite good already :) experience is always the best value right? :)

4 girls and a boy

by the way, our brother team which is Shark Gangz did their best dy although they were not chosen. sincerely hope that they will get better and better and better every single day. never ever say youself a failure no matter how bad it is :)

lastly, congrats to the champion, Got Soul. 1st runner up Jackson from KL. and 2nd runner up Stepholic. Not forgetting the other 2 groups which also got the consolation, Nintendo DS and KFC. Most Creative Mr Chai :D

sorry for those who cant read mandarin :( we got into the chinese newspaper. btw can u find me? :D

oh ya last but not least, thanks to friend Ken Lai for free photoshoting haha xD

thats me! :D do you like my Osiris sneakers? it might not be familiar to you but try google it. you can find it in Step up 3 and i love it! ♥

hope you enjoy reading and viewing. have a pleasant day. xoxo.

p/s: i noticed i have a lot of add-on recently. paiseh ah. just to inform we have 3 more showcases. 9th and 15th in Kuching. and 16th at Flipflop, Damai Puri. Please go support us at the rave party. Thank you! :D

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