Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flipflop Beach Carnival

if this poster looks familiar to you, yeap its the Flipflop Beach Carnival thing which only organised once in a bluemoon in our little town. for more info, visit here.

for your info, Street Shock is going to perform during the rave party!! wooohooooo!! im extremely excited you know!! we have total 4 routines. 4 of them includes bboying, hiphop, street jazz and also wacking. nice? :D and here is a little peek for you guys, the girls are going to wear heels for one of the dance. so your attendance is absolutely worth it i promise.

other performances such as Dingdang, DJs and beach activities, im not going to explain it here. just visit their page will do ya. and im going to be there for all 3 days. but going back at noon time on the last day. thats all from me. just to make sure you guys dont miss out our performance. haha. any questions do not hesitate to ask me :)


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