Saturday, April 23, 2011


Well if im writing a dono-wan-put-what-title post, i will titled it as the date of the day.

move on. at first i really have to apologize because im so going to postpone the Flipflop post due that we don really took much photos there. and you can see all those photos im going to post later are all stolen from others. lolol.

and also my sis 21st birthday celebration. by the way my parents bought me a kenari cause i wanted it so badly. you now what, its the easiest car to drive. thats why its my only choice. try it if you dont believe me. haha. well its a second handed because now no releave new one anymore. however but im loving it. as well as the hubby boy :)

so yea. and im going to damai again tomorrow. lol. its a day trip. cant wait! do you know i love swimming? but i just cant swim without googles. so see ya in the next post :D


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