Friday, April 29, 2011

JiaZhen 21st Birthday

so my eldest sis has her birthday fall on 21st of April as well. held a celebration at Lok Thian that night. my hubby boy was invited too :) how good if handsome can be there too :/ for those who dont know, handsome is my doggie.

so for those who had my facebook, you will probably seen some of the photos here before. and this post is going to be a pictures-more-than-words-post. so enjoy :)

do you love the cake cause i love it. i want this kind of cake for my 18th birthday too! :D

and i noticed i always forgot to take picture of the foods instead of camwhoring! anyway the foods was awesome and i hope they are all in front of me right now. you know what i just love asian or i can say chinese cuisine so damn damn much! starting to starve i must go and hunt for some snacks later lolol.

meet my little sister for those who have not seen her before :) many people said that we look so much alike compare to our elder sister, so what do you think? btw i think i look great in this photo. haha

the birthday girl :)

hippo faces

so after the meals everyone invited just went up on stage group by group to take photos with the birthday girl. however im not going to post photos of others here. view my sis blog if you are just too interested to see :)

her boyfriend

my boyfriend. he looks so cute when he is shy ^^

sisters :)

family photo including my sis k-mum family :)

thats all peeps. hope you enjoy >< good night!


Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Flipflops Beach Carnival 2011

hey peeps. finally im gonna post about the flipflops. i think it was okay. for those who went what do you think?

well, there are some of the photos i took from facebook. if you found your pics here. sorry ya >< cause we dont really have much time enjoying ourselves there instead of rehearsal for our performance.

peeps who went there are given a purple flipflops hand band. booths were all set up and also few cars for displayed. oh ya and we have the all access pass which was so convenience!

our crew stayed at Damai for the first night. and went all the way to Damai Puri at night for Dingdang's mini concert since we were given free tics as a dancer for the following night during the rave party :)

the place was nicely decorated. warning signboard was also set up to control the surroundings. not forgetting the graffiti workshop which we also missed out. i can say we missed out everythings! hotdog and ice-cream competition which we wanted to join at first!

many activities were carried out on the beach. as you can see. quad bike ride, volleyball, motor boat ride, and also banana boat ride. i think there were still some so on.

oh ya and also hot air balloon ride!

three group of performances before Dingdang shows up. Mystical Mirage, Slap Rockband, and Blessed Church. and lastly the ohmygawd-so-awesome-and-natural-and-pretty-dingdang!!! :DD

so the next day we stayed at Damai Puri. and performed free style at night for the rave party. yea free style. our routines was canceled and rescheduled to the next morning since they cant remove the dj stuffs on the stage lolol.

beer drinking competition which winners get to win RM200 each and also enjoy the free beer. look at the crowds.

so we performed twice and there are no photos taken from our people. lol. hopefully those who saw my post and have our photos can email me. million thanks ya.

so that all from me. quite enjoy myself with the boyfriend. till then. thank you.

p/s: oh ya i forgot to haolien i went up on stage and get autograph from Dingdang and shake hand with her! haha. i have photos with the signed album but its in the boyfriend handphone. maybe i will post it like some other time? lol.

so this is the close up Dingdang i snapped when i went up on stage. hehe. just ignore the ugly face at the right pic KTHXBYE :))

Saturday, April 23, 2011


Well if im writing a dono-wan-put-what-title post, i will titled it as the date of the day.

move on. at first i really have to apologize because im so going to postpone the Flipflop post due that we don really took much photos there. and you can see all those photos im going to post later are all stolen from others. lolol.

and also my sis 21st birthday celebration. by the way my parents bought me a kenari cause i wanted it so badly. you now what, its the easiest car to drive. thats why its my only choice. try it if you dont believe me. haha. well its a second handed because now no releave new one anymore. however but im loving it. as well as the hubby boy :)

so yea. and im going to damai again tomorrow. lol. its a day trip. cant wait! do you know i love swimming? but i just cant swim without googles. so see ya in the next post :D


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Flipflop Beach Carnival

if this poster looks familiar to you, yeap its the Flipflop Beach Carnival thing which only organised once in a bluemoon in our little town. for more info, visit here.

for your info, Street Shock is going to perform during the rave party!! wooohooooo!! im extremely excited you know!! we have total 4 routines. 4 of them includes bboying, hiphop, street jazz and also wacking. nice? :D and here is a little peek for you guys, the girls are going to wear heels for one of the dance. so your attendance is absolutely worth it i promise.

other performances such as Dingdang, DJs and beach activities, im not going to explain it here. just visit their page will do ya. and im going to be there for all 3 days. but going back at noon time on the last day. thats all from me. just to make sure you guys dont miss out our performance. haha. any questions do not hesitate to ask me :)


Monday, April 4, 2011


Well please dont get bored of my update cause its a dance post again xP

Street Shock joined a competition organised by the SUPP last Sunday, which was on the 3rd of April at Kenyalang Theatre. Theres a good news and also a bad news. which one do you prefer to listen first? anyway im going to tell the bad one first lolol. bad news is that we did not manage to get into top 3, unfortunately. but good news is that we got 2 prizes, which are the Consolation and Best Costume :D

there are total of 15 or 16 groups. Top 3 crews and 3 consolations. I think we did quite good already :) experience is always the best value right? :)

4 girls and a boy

by the way, our brother team which is Shark Gangz did their best dy although they were not chosen. sincerely hope that they will get better and better and better every single day. never ever say youself a failure no matter how bad it is :)

lastly, congrats to the champion, Got Soul. 1st runner up Jackson from KL. and 2nd runner up Stepholic. Not forgetting the other 2 groups which also got the consolation, Nintendo DS and KFC. Most Creative Mr Chai :D

sorry for those who cant read mandarin :( we got into the chinese newspaper. btw can u find me? :D

oh ya last but not least, thanks to friend Ken Lai for free photoshoting haha xD

thats me! :D do you like my Osiris sneakers? it might not be familiar to you but try google it. you can find it in Step up 3 and i love it! ♥

hope you enjoy reading and viewing. have a pleasant day. xoxo.

p/s: i noticed i have a lot of add-on recently. paiseh ah. just to inform we have 3 more showcases. 9th and 15th in Kuching. and 16th at Flipflop, Damai Puri. Please go support us at the rave party. Thank you! :D